On the hunt for the Stroke me in AQUA- can YOU help?!

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  1. been admiring BE from afar....moving closer to Be territory...but- I *MUST* have a Stroke me in AQUA. I missed the BE boat when it came out and am obsessed! Ladies- where can I possibly find one?!!

    *If it's on the website i'm going to feel dumb- but I didn't see it!:sweatdrop:
  2. Unfortunately, jackie isn't making any bags in aqua anymore as the leather is no longer available :sad: sorry. I know one owner who doesn't plan onparting with hers anytime soon so it might be some time before one shows up for sale somewhere - too bad too, b/c it is a gorgeous bag!
  3. i know! I'll just have to keep on the lookout- ebay is set to email me!
  4. Not to get your hopes up because I could be completely wrong, but isn't lovebags2 putting up an acqua piece on ebay soon? Was is an SM? I know she's out of town right now and can't confirm...
  5. ^^
    It's the casual bag in aqua.
  6. Ah. Sorry!
  7. she let me know, but I have my heart set on the SM!