On the hunt...For the perfect medium shoulder bag. Help!

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  1. Any suggestions? I bought the Neverfull MM and am disappointed...It's just not me....And I'm patiently awaiting the delivery of my PM Reverse tomorrow as I've been at work the last 2 days UPS has tried to deliver. :annoyed::shocked:

    Any input would be appreciated! :smile:
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  2. What turned you off of the neverfull?
  3. Thin straps, and the cinch sides
  4. Speedy 30 Bando -- shoulder, handheld or cross body all in one bag.
  5. I've had a speedy and sold it...Not a fan of hand held bags. :hrmm:
  6. Cluny B.B. or mm?
  7. What things would you like to carry?
  8. Cellphone, Empreinte secret wallet, car keys, hand sanitizer, mini hand cream, gum, eyeglasses case......

    I was thinking maybe preloved Battignoles?
  9. Too similar to the PM Reverse IMO.
  10. The battignoles is cute! I would say the graceful if you want something more girly or iena if you want it super useful
  11. I've heard people complain about corner issues with the Graceful, and not a fan of the shape of the Iena.......

    I'm too picky for my own good..:doh:
  12. I had a Battignoles nice bag but I felt it did not open wide enough for me unless I unbuckled side straps plus everything would fall out if bag tipped over or fell...how about a Delightful or Graceful? They don’t have zippers either but they are taller so things don’t fall out as easy..Good Luck!
  13. How about the Duomo?

  14. Thank you for the review, re: Battignoles - good to know! Had the Delightful PM, selling it due to it being a bit small for my needs. I’ve heard the Graceful has corner issues?

    Maybe the MM in the Delightful?.....
  15. I thought about that vs the PM Reverse.....Ended up ordering the Reverse instead.
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