On the hunt for my first pair for my 30th bday!!!

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm soooooo excited. I've decided to get my first pair of LB's for my 30th b-day. It's technically not till May but if I find an AMAZING deal those will be the pair. Since I don't have any I'm not picky...just a medium to low heel would be awesome with two little kids ;). But no wedges or flats. SO I figured I'd ask the experts do you think I can do it? Any chance of finding something for under 300? 200? Or am I nuts? :wacko:
    Also where can I find sizing info? I'm pretty much a 38 1/2 in all my Diors and Choo's (if that means anything :shrugs:)
    Thank you in advance ladies!!! :hugs:
  2. Good luck mrsKash! There are definitely some deals out there. At that price point, it might be hard unless you really know your sizing. The $2-300 deals are usually eBay finds.
  3. What do you mean by LBs?

    I think if you could find them for the right price, a pair of Yoyo 85s would be a really good idea. They have an 85mm heel (around 3.5 inches) and are very comfortable. You'd want to get them in a 39 or 39.5. You're definitely going to need to scour eBay, though. I don't think I've ever seen a full-price CL at a regular store for much less than $400 or so (realistically around $500). Unfortunately, sale season is pretty much over as well.

    Good luck!! :flowers:
  4. Meggy, I guess some people call them CLBs – like Louboutin is two words. :shrugs:
    My friend was telling me she heard people saying that somewhere.
  5. Welcome and good luck finding your first pair!! When I started obsessing I have no idea on where to start but coming here is the first step. If I were you, I would go try a couple of pairs at either a store or a boutique because you must figure your size out. Then, design and pricing should follow!!

    Good Luck again!!!
  6. Welcome to the forum. Regeens has provided some excellent links which will get you started. I'm with Jet, at that price point ebay will be your best bet. go to the store, try on a few pairs, figure out what you like, and get to searching on the bay =).
  7. Hahaha yeah that is exactly why I said it. I thought it was the "internet lingo for the shoes" :s
    Shows what I know...or don't hahahaha!!!
    Ok I'm going to start trying on a few here and there and then go on the hunt! :hysteric: (that's my game face!)
    I can't wait to share with you ladies!!!
    Thank you all you're so SO sweet!
  8. Good luck I'm so excited for you, but honestly I feel dread too. My first pair of CL's were Miss Tina's that I got during and amazing sale and the addiction has since spiraled rapidly out of control. I just feel like once you go CL there is just no turning back! :yahoo: When you find them definitely be sure to do a reveal :graucho:
  9. Another option for finding shoes at lower prices would be outlet stores, like Neiman Marcus Last Call or Off 5th.
  10. I'm going to my friends who lives by both!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I'll be checking it out!