On the hunt for ... Mustard Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

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  1. I woul really love a mustard colored Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I love lots of styles: the Teri, the Heidi, the Bowling, the Faridah ...
    The catch is that I live in Europe, so it would rock if they ship internationally.

    Anyone could help me? TIA
  2. Hmm I could be wrong but I think that the only MBMJ styles I can recall coming in mustard were the Posh Turnlock satchel and tote, and the posh wristlet. The color, I believe, was actually called mustard. Im pretty sure the bowler, heidi, teri, and the faridah never came out in a mustard/yellow...BUT...this season MBMJ has come out with a new yellow color called "Acid Yellow" which is a bright, primary-color/crayon type of yellow. You can buy the heidi and the teri in that color when it comes out!

    Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you, this has been really helpfull!