on the hunt for Icy!!! need your opinions please


which would you choose?

  1. baby stam

  2. quilted multipocket

  3. quilted cammie

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  1. I've been thinking about Icy a lot these days. and now even more after seeing gymangel812's latest and greatest find! I feel like this is the one piece that might help me to complete my wish list, (or at least keep me content for another week!)

    I'm looking for my next holy grail...an icy black going out bag, one that is classy and can switch from day to night. What would you pick?

    baby stam, quilted multipocket, or quilted cammie?

    Thanks in advance for your help in this very important matter! :supacool:
  2. just wanted to add...if you have comments on what you chose, that would be great! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

    also, if you have one of these, a picture would say a thousand words! thanks everyone!
  3. here's stuff i'd collected...kate moss and her MP...hilary duff and her baby stam...my old quilted icey MP...
    190.jpg 192-723475.jpg 11-.jpg Project0.jpg NMV4983_mn.jpg
  4. and one i took for a photography assignment and H duff on a bike
    MJ MP.jpg hduff-bike-stam.jpg
  5. Baby stam is the dressiest for going out. The cammie (if you can fit your stuff into it) is probably most versatile for day and night.

    I have the icy sienna and it is a really good every day bag. You could probably still find one of those out there if you were interested. I got it last year at Nordstrom Rack. :tup:
  6. and to make 8,000 words, here's another picture :roflmfao:[​IMG]

  7. oh yah, and for my opinion...

    they're all nice bags, i personally prefer the shape and style of the stam and MP (and have owned both) my issues with the MP was that it is a bit boxier than the baby stam, which made it slightly awkward when i stuffed it all the way. the strap on the baby stam is longer than that of the MP so even when it's crammed full of crap, it sits lower on the body and makes it more comfortable. also with the MP, if stuffed full, the chain strap would get uncomfortable. the pro's are the suede linings and the antiqued brass hardware....

    i think for the most part the stam is the most coveted and recognizable, the MP second and cammie 3rd....the cammie though, doesn't really do a thing for me in terms of shape....i dont find it as intersting as the MP and stam...
  8. thanks june for all the eye-candy! I love how the camera catches the twinkle of the icy leather. this is a toughie for me. c'mon everyone, keep the votes coming!

    HitchcockBlonde, which one is the sienna? would you mind sharing a photo? thanks!
  9. This is the photo that sold me on the MP...after seeing this the search was on!
  10. ^ already on it. crossing fingers on this one... :sweatdrop:
  11. Good Luck!!! :flowers:
    Let us know the outcome!:tup:
  12. I went for baby stam cause i think its such a cute style in that leather.
  13. Did ya get it?