On the hunt for an awesome watch

  1. I have never had a decent watch and I'm seriously looking for one that will last me a long time. I currently own a fossil watch and a guess watch for dressy occasions. Either metal or leather straps are fine. Looking to stay under $1000. Not really into yellow gold. No date dials, please. I'm pretty clueless about name brand watches, so if you have pics, please post them. Thanks in advance, everybody! I can't wait to see what ideas you all can give me.
  2. Hi, do you like diamonds? There are some nice Michele watches you can choose from. They have no diamonds or diamonds. Pretty good variety. You can check them out at www.michele.com. :smile:
  3. Michele watches are very pretty. Also, I would suggest trying Movado. You can get a very nice quality watch and I think they have a very long warranty, too. http://www.movado.com/ Good luck.
  4. [​IMG]
    Omega Aqua Terra. (Quartz movement)

    Omega is a very respected watch brand.
  5. I think if you get a watch and you want to make it count, stray from stainles steel, it's practically everything but stainless, well er, scratchless. I love the Skagen titanium mesh band watches :}


    This one is a nice thin and not such a wide band, you should browse around the skagen site if this is your cup of tea!
  6. I totally agree! I have an Omega as well and I love it!!

    I wish DH would have gotten me this one but it's almost $2000: which is still a good price since it's $1000 off retail

    instead he got me this one and it cost $1300:


    It's part of the Cindy Crawford series. You can find them at jewelry stores in the mall but they will be more pricey than you can find them online unless it's a holiday sale or something like that. But you could find it for cheaper by googling the brand name and style number: Omega 1571.71

    for instance $1195 here: http://authenticwatches.com/omconmychoic6.html
  7. I have a Citizen Eco-Drive watch and I LOVE it! I think mine retailed for around $300.
  8. I Really Like The Tag Watch!!!
  9. Wow!!! I knew you all would come through for me! All of these are great suggestions. Our wedding anniversary is in May and my husband and I are planning on getting our watches then. I think I'm leaning towards the tag. The omega is my second choice. Thanks again and if anybody has more ideas, feel free to change my mind!
  10. How about the classic Ebel wave.. the stainless steel versions are less than $1000
    Ebel Classic.gif
  11. The Longines Dolce Vita is another nice option.. this model has pearl diamond face and also less than $1000 plus also a round option if you prefer...

    Let us know when you decide.. would love to see pics then :smile:
    Longines Dolce Vita.jpg Longines Dolce Vita Round.jpg
  12. Philip Stein watches are very pretty. The leather bands and basic watch like these are around $650. They can be found at Saks.