On the hunt for a Violet SGH City at NM. Has anyone seen one recently?

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  1. I've checked NM, Saks and Barneys. Hate buying from BalNY. Anyone seen one at a NM (have a large incircle GC I'd love to use)

  2. I'd give Steph at the NM in San Antonio a call. She's very nice and can hunt down a bag. The number to that store is 210-558-8000.

    Good luck!
  3. You might want to try NM San Diego at Fashion Valley. There was one there not to long ago.
  4. I've just called every single NM and no luck. If anyone sees one, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I don't think Neimans ordered that bag. In SGH I think they only ordered the day and brief. They ordered the city in RH. Sorry!
  6. Neimans did. My SA said it sold out right away. I've been praying someone returns one.
  7. Still looking
  8. I just saw one today at NM in Paramus, NJ (Garden State Plaza mall). The SA I spoke to said they "just pulled it out of the back" today, whatever that means. They're still open right now, so call 'em!
  9. Sure it wasn't the violet sgh work that I returned there today?
  10. Just called my SA in a panic. You must have seen the work I returned this morning around 11. Still there if anyone wants it. Thanks for the tip though.
  11. Ooops, sorry. I only glanced at it, and thought it was a city. I must have been blinded by the violet first I found (and purchased! yay). Then again, I looked at so many bags there today I think I got my brain cells scrambled!
  12. Also - did you try calling Nordstrom? Their Sacramento store carries Balenciaga. Maybe they have one.

  13. I had a HUGE GC to NM that's why I wanted to get it there but thanks for the info. Glad you got the first It was a beauty. It was the first, work or Day which I will pick up on Thurs so I can get double in circle points. enjoy your bag!
  14. Does Balenciaga ever go on sale at Neiman's?????
  15. I've never seen a motorcycle bag on sale at NM, but they did have some matelasse and some other really cute suede/leather bags that I don't know the name of. The only motorcycle bag I have ever seen on sale was at Barney's, and it was one of the linen/leather seasonal Firsts (which I bought, leading to my subsequent and still growing obsession).