On the hunt for a RH AnthraCity

  1. I know I'm probably too late, but has anyone seen a nice RH AnthraCity anywhere? I'm planning to call BalNY tomorrow but was just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head if one of their local stores has one.

    Thanks so much!
  2. looks like we're in the same boat... I posted a thread earlier about it but doesnt sound like anyones seen it... at least you're in the states (right?)... more likely that you'll get one... I'm gona have to resort to eBay or somewhere... :sad:
  3. I was looking for one a couple of weeks ago and Daphne said Bal NY did not have any.
  4. I know Neiman Marcus did not order Anthracite, but Saks did, so you might want to give them a try.
  5. I think that Barbara at Nordies SAC had one: 916.646.2400
    BTW: they call Anthracite "Galet"
  6. Thanks! I called, and they don't have it anymore, but Barbara was outstanding and I'm so glad you gave me her name. I'd love to work with her on another bag sometime!
  7. I called saks a few wks back in FL, dont remember which one now, but they had it at the time so you can call a few and do that. they proally can just charge you without tax just s/h. they had it when I called. so good luck!
  8. have you looked on Diabro? im sure i saw one. if you email them they will check too.
  9. there was anthracity RH on Diabro... but now only got it in GGH and RH PT... I might consider the PT if I cant get the city...
  10. I really appreciate everyone's help on this... Thanks so much for helping me out! I'm still looking; I hope there's one out there for me!
  11. Barbara is a doll :tup:

    If I hear of any Anthracities as I make my calls, I'll put it on hold with the SA and leave a name/number ;)

  12. BalNY has an Anthracite First and a WE :heart:
  13. Thanks hmwe46. I'm going to think about the First. I think I usually like the First in brighter colours, but if really comes down to that or nothing, I might give BalNY a call. :yes: You're the best! :tup:

    I went to my Barneys today and tried on the Part-Time and Twiggy so I could expand my search a little. The Part-Time just looks too big on me, but I really, really liked the Twiggy!

    There's one on eBay that I'll be watching, but if anyone knows of an AnthraTwiggy out there somewhere, let me know! I'd love to buy the bag in that style/colour.
  14. I hope I am remembering correctly, but I think someone had posted a photo of an Anthracite twiggy from the Saks in San Antonio when they were checking around on inventory for another color? I wish I could remember more details, but that's all I am coming up with right now.