On the hunt for a red bag...help!

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  1. Once i buy a new Coach bag...i just want more more more :angel:

    I purchased the Kristin Pleated Satchel in Brown, the Mia Maggie in Platinum, the Poppy perfume, and the Julia patent zip around wallet in black all during PCE....

    but i'm not content yet! I MUST have a red bag!

    I was set on getting the Brooke in Cherry leather (found an authentic one on Ebay)


    ...but today i ventured back to the Coach store and the Crimson Sophia really caught my eye. Ah, what to do? I also am not sure on which size...my SA allowed me to take photos with both bags.

    So should i go with the Brooke which seems to be a brighter red (does anyone have actual photos???) OR the Crimson Sophia..and what size??

    Small -


    Large -

  2. Crimson Sophia is gorgeous. I like the small size.
  3. SMALL CRIMSON SOPHIA!!! Sorry to yell, lol, I just love this bag. I purchased it on Sunday :love:
  4. I just ordered Crimson Sophia in large last night, I like how the large looks on you. Although, both look great on you! I would definately go Sophia though!
  5. How is it for room? I'm used to using my large sabrina and am worried that it won't fit all my stuff?
  6. It's surprisingly roomy - it actually looks smaller with all the stuffing in it. What do you carry?
  7. A large sabrina - but i also carry a small/med carly and fit everything no problem!
  8. I like the large sophia on you compared to the small... the small is pretty small IMHO
  9. Then you should be fine with the small. I carried a small/med Carly for a long time as well. Seriously, if you go back into the store take the stuffing out of the small and put your things in. For some reason it looks ridiculous the way it's stuffed in the store...
  10. I carried my large Crimson Sophia today -- I think this style of bag would look awful if it were overstuffed.

    I wasn't all that thrilled when I bought it, but now I'm in loooove. It's sooo perdy.
  11. Hi,
    Both sizes of the Crimson Patent Sophia look great on you!!! I say go for the small!! Something different!!!
    Good luck on your choice!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  12. Both look fabulous on you but I like the large better. Let us know what you decide...
  13. I always have to put my things in a bag at the store before I decide, it makes a huge difference. I never looked twice at the small Kristin satchel because they have them so stuffed that they look like little cubes :P I love it with my things in it and minus the stuffing though...
  14. I like the large size on you better. Good luck deciding!
  15. Love the Sophia on you! Definitely go for the large!