on the hunt for a black pleated Miu Miu wallet.

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  1. i saw this wallet, in a longer style, at the Saks in NYC and at Bergdorf's in NYC.
  2. Thanks Daniela - when i called the woman at Saks she said they didn't have any left but ran up there and bingo!
  3. yay! i just bought this wallet in gold.
  4. Congrats - I havent seen the gold - the SA mentioned it was a big seller - do you have any pics?
  5. i will take some pictures when i get home tonight!
  6. here are some pictures of my gold nappa plisse wallet:

    Attached Files:

  7. Pretty! Almost too pretty to be hidden in a purse. Seems like it should be carried as a clutch.
  8. OMG - That is stunning!!! Thank you soooo much for taking the pics!

    I love the gold - kiss_p is right - that should be on display!

    Drat....is it wrong to need one in gold as well....for special occasions perhaps??
  9. Wowsa... the gold is beautiful! Great choice - Congrats!
  10. thanks everyone! last weekend i went on a hunt for a gold wallet (you do not know how hard it is to find a gold wallet - I went to like a zillion stores) and this is the one I ultimately chose. It's a big change for me, because I used to carry around a small LV epi yellow wallet that was tough and rugged, and I feel like this wallet is a small, dainty flower. I'm actually a little scared of how delicate it is, I know that it will get destroyed in my handbag. I need to keep it away from my keys!

    It's beautiful though, even my fiance thinks so, and his response to all my bags is generally "meh." He's complimented me twice on this wallet already, without me even prompting him. ITA about it being a clutch, but the places I go out to (bars and such) are pretty gross and I wouldn't want to put this beauty down on the tables! If I had someplace fancy to go to, though, this would be perfect.