On the HH Bandwagon! Can anyone tell me about the Suki Ladybag?

  1. Just received the Inka bag in Saddle from HH, as a result of the sale from last week. Fantastic bag & color! Love it!! Absolutely now understand what all of you are so enthusiastic about. Got it for $85, so a great way to introduce myself to this seemingly great new handbag company.

    Am actually going to order the Inka bag in Black, and possibly the Pastis. Was thinking about the Suki Ladybag as well, but can't figure out if this can be worn on the shoulder or not. Need to have a bag that is capable of hand, and/or shoulder carrying. Does anyone own the Suki bag, and do you know what the strap drop is? Can you give me your impressions/opinions about the bag?

  2. Not sure what the drop is on the Suki, but I tried one on last Saturday at the HH store in Brooklyn. You can definitely wear it on your shoulder. It's a gorgeous classic-looking (yet hip) bag and is on my wishlist, along with the Pastis.
  3. I happen to have mine today - although I'm not sure where to measure from. From where it attaches to the bag the drop is about 11" - I use it as a shoulder bag as well as just holding it - hope this helps!
  4. Since you have a tan bag in the Inka saddle, and are thinking about the Pastis, which from the website pics looks like a rich brown, I'd wait on the Suki - it is coming out in emerald green for spring '08 (via HH's own forum)! Plus the Pastis and Suki have similar vintage vibes and structured frames, so you might not want them in similar colors. Welcome to the fold.
  5. Thank you all! I saw HH bags last year on eBay, but didn't pay them much attention, even though they looked nice. I couldn't resist trying one at the sale last week, and really thought that everything about it was wonderful. The leather, details, little touches, organizational pockets everywhere, great packing, dust bag, etc. etc. This far surpassed my expectations, and definitely puts it on even playing ground with all of the the other purse companies in the $400 to $600 range & up.......
  6. Does anyone have the Suki in black? I know it was part of the Big Bang sale, but I'm wondering if they'll mark it down again. I'm thinking of actually breaking down and getting a black bag at some point (don't have one at all), and I like the Suki. Any issues with the black color?
  7. The black one was what I tried on in the store. It's lovely and I'd have bought it in a second if I didn't already have a black frame Luis Esteve bag.
  8. I have the Suki in saddle and I love it. The leather is super soft and smooshy and it can be carried on the arm or worn comfortably over the shoulder (I think about 8" drop).
  9. I think the Suki is destined to become a classic - it's not my style, but it's a beautiful bag.
  10. It's on my wishlist, here's hoping they mark it down either around labor day or around the holidays. I'll buy it even if they don't though because I love it so much.
  11. I love the Suki, unfortunately I saw it in person and I find it to be too small. That kind of bag, with that classic shape - should be bigger - but when I saw it in person it looked so small, so it looked rather out of proportion for me - so depending on your perferance, it would make a wonderful versatile bag!
  12. I have this bag in saddle and black (carried the saddle one today). I LOVE it. I think it's just the right size; I can stuff some baby stuff in there when I need to. Just big enough to carry more stuff, but a good size for when I'm not taking the world with me. It stays on my shoulder really well, but looks good when hand-held, too. There's a thread floating around here somewhere with pics of someone modeling it. Good pictures, by the way. I don't think you can go wrong with this bag. If they come out with it in another color I have to have, I'll get a third one!
  13. I am looking forward to owning one too..the persian rose just make my heart beats faster..but the emerald..that is what I am patiently waiting for....
    If they offer it in any of their current fabulous purples..I would snatch it in a heartbeat!
  14. The black one is on my wish list too. Hope they will mark it down on a labor day sale.:yes:
  15. I have the suki ladybag in black and I love it. It fits very comfortably on my shoulder (I have small shoulders and not-the-thinnest arms) and stays up well because the handles are stiff and the leather is soft and textured. I can also carry it over my arm very comfortably (b/c the straps are round, not flat) for long periods of time. I think it's pretty roomy and I love the pockets. I get tons of compliments on it.