On the Go Tote (OTG) Club

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  1. Today, I received my Giant Reverse OTG. I love everything about this bag. This bag is carefree and its size is comparable to the Neverfull MM. I used the same bag organizer I use for my Speedy 30. It is made well and I do not notice any quality issues. There are some wrinkles in the canvas, which will go away over time. Despite these wrinkles, I LVoe her.
    The OTG is a permanent line and will be offered in many different canvas prints in future releases. If this print does not appeal to you, maybe others will. This bag is scheduled to be released on 5/10 and next week is a tentative pre-release online. If you have pre-ordered or planning to buy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    2E803CB0-8725-401E-8F11-2A628AEC37E1.png 6E3B92DD-7620-4655-A0C9-11C093005D97.png
  2. Here are some mod shots.

  3. You’re OTG bag is gorgeous! I really love the design and the colour in particular. I think it’s much nicer and classier than the coloured ones, and will be really easy to match with things. It will be a classic, especially with the reverse on one side. Do you have the neverfull mm? I would love to see some comparison shots of the two together. Thanks for sharing your images! Is very helpful. Congrats on your beautiful bag. I can see from your mod shots your really enjoying it. Good on you!!
  4. Absolutely Gorgeous - I love your style!
    Do you have the item number for this version?
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  5. It’s amazing and looks amazing on you!!!
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  6. Will post comparison when I get home. I’m out getting my lotto tickets. I can’t win if I don’t play.
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  7. Thank you! You’re always so kind and helpful. The sku is M44576. For this print, there will be 4400 units released.
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  8. Thank you!!
  9. Also you’re my hero rocking heels like that! I need that confidence!
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  10. The bag is gorgeous. Is the number of releases units worldwide or only the US?
  11. It really looks amazing on you. So different to see mod shots/real life pics versus the online illustration of the bag. Thanks for taking the time to post the mod shots!
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  12. Wowww. Look perfect on you!
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  13. Thank you EmmJay the information is greatly appreciated
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  14. Looks great on you! If it’s releasing in May, did you get this early? Or a different print will be out in May?
  15. Omg absolutely gorgeous!! Love love it!!
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