On the go, from work to the gym what do you use

  1. to quickly take some make up off your face, so it's not sweating off of me in the gym....baby wipes? something I can carry in my bag easily...

  2. my absolute fave, which i use on most nights when im too lazy to actually go and wash my face... is oil of olay wet towelettes. they remove ALL my eye makeup, and all my other makeup. I think they come in travel form too, even though the large pack isnt that big.
  3. I don't take off my makeup to workout, but if I take it off at night I use those Olay wet towelettes too. I hate to wash my face and they work really well. I even wipe my eye makeup off with them.
  4. I use the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. All you need is one, and they are super moist. Works great!
  5. towelettes are the best!!! i've used many bands, and i find that they are all pretty much the same. just about every skincare, and makeup line has them.
  6. i never wash my face before the gym - is that bad?? I wash my face w/ shu uemura mineral oil cleanser every night. on those nights that i'm completely passed out i use the boots towelettes.