On The Floor!!!

Sep 10, 2007
So my mom has been pressuring me to give her my RM matinee. So I did and went back to using my L.A.M.B. Esquivel.

We were at cracker barrel today and i wasnt paying attention until I saw the bag in her lap then I realized she had been keeping it on the floor! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

The floor in a cracker barrel, the floor at the airport today, the ground at a gas station :throwup: as she looked for a 10 to pay for chips inside, the floor of the car...

HANDBAG ABUSE!!! and she tells me to take care of all my nice things! she yelled at me whenever I was like uhem plz pick the bag up!
My uncle thought it was the funniest thing ever! I swear i will buy her a speedy so she can have a knock around because the canvas can take it.

My poor matinee :crybaby:


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Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
good gosh... i totally get what u mean! :wtf: my mom had always yelled at me (about paying proper respect to taking care of things) when i was younger and everything was funded by her, but now that i fund my own bag addiction and she's not paying for them, she throws them around like they cost nothing! :cursing:

i think the best thing to do is to bring it up to her at a good moment, not at the heat of the moment, and talk it out with her... be as diplomatic as possible... mothers are so complicated. :Push:


Nov 10, 2005
i love cracker barrel! I agree w/ Orinoco that mothers are complicated...well, I guess all us women are! :P Anyhow, I would soooo be upset about my purse being put on the floor, too! I love how u called it "handbag abuse"! Hope ur matinee didn't get dirty or stained from its day out w/ur mom!


Aug 6, 2006
Oh that's a hard one :smile: I could never say anything to my mom, I would have to grin and bear it!


Jan 14, 2007
lol funny thing is i just got on my sister's case about putting bags on the floor.
we (my gucci messenger bag and i) had a rough day at work and i wanted my baby to be comfortable next to me on my couch when we got home... then my sister walks in a few minutes later, picks up my baby and started to set my bag on the floor! i yelled "what are you doing?!"

she was like, don't put your bag on the couch! people wanna sit!

i said, the seat was already taken - take the love seat!!!


of course we weren't really arguing.. she just enjoys busting my chops coz i'm "crazy" for treating my bags like humans.. :P


Jun 18, 2007
I put some of my bags on the ground :shame:

If it's non-smooshy leather in a dark color I'll do it. The germ thing doesn't bother me; it's more a matter of whether the bag will get dirty or stained. Granted, I don't own any super expensive bags... I would NEVER put Chanel or Hermes on the floor :nogood:...
Jan 29, 2006
Chicago, IL
I so feel your pain. I have a co-worker who has alot of nice bags but she is constantly putting them ont he floor whenever we go anywhere.....we also work in a school where the carpeting is over 30 years old.....it's so disgusting! She always laughs at me because I'm constantly picking it up and putting on the table....