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    Love the PM Reverse Mono but I’m not sure how much I’d actually use her....I carry a fair amount and I’m not sure she’d suite me as an everyday bag. (I.e: glasses case, secret empreinte wallet, keys, iPhone X, small makeup pouch)

    I just love how unique the bag is....*sigh* Thoughts?
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  2. So you own it already? What's the question you're asking?
  3. If I should return it.
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  4. Did you buy it sight unseen so you didn't know the capacity? Just wondering why you bought it.

    Also, I assume you haven't used it and you're within the return window, is that right?
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  5. I returned mine yesterday. Granted, this was mostly because of other purchases I ended up making - and I felt I couldn't keep everything - but for me as well, the bag was just a touch on the small side... The only thing I regret is - it looks like a great all-weather bag, and I could have used that!
  6. Yes. There’s no LV in my state. Just received it last week.
  7. Right?! Winter is right around the corner and I was thinking the same thing.....ugh.
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  8. It’s okay to recognize that you might like certain aspects of a bag but that it’s not for you
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  9. It's really unique so I may keep it. I like that there's no Vachetta....and then may get a pre loved DE Batignolles as my bigger bag.

    I made the mistake of getting a pre loved Neverfull MM Mono and hate it. The straps (IMO) are flimsy and cheap looking and I'm not a fan of the cinched sides.
  10. I think I've decided.....to return. I may look into getting the NeoNoe - I love the black and Mono combo - classy looking and no Vachetta. :smile:
  11. I LOVE the neonoe!! I think that would be an amazing choice.
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  12. And it's cheaper..... ;)
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  13. If you're not 100% return it. I purchased the Cluny BB and was super excited but when I got it home, it just didn't work for me "too heavy" not practical. I returned it and knew I made the right decision.
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  14. Thank you! I made the mistake of letting my Southbank Besace sit and took a loss selling it due to no use. Never make that mistake again.
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  15. Just purchased the PM mono online yesterday. My heart was really set on the reverse mono though...if you don’t mind, where/what store are you returning to? I’ve stalked the site to no avail.