on the fence about my Carly-help

  1. I just purchased the parchment w/chocolate leather large Carly. I lOVE it but I'm nervous to keep it after I found out the light colored leather is Vachetta. I'm scared it will be hard to keep clean and I'm nervous about what color it will patina....I'm just learning about Vachetta leather. Anyone own this bag and have regrets? How has this bag held up for those that own it? To keep or not to keep...thanks for your advise!
  2. I'm sorry I can't help much. I own the bag in the khaki/saddle. But really, if your that worried about getting it dirty or how it will patina, perhaps you should return it. I would HATE to walk around all day a nervous wreck about ruining a bag. I used to do that Bag Borrow or Steal website and was frantic all the time--and at one point I actually did get some green funky stuff on a gorgeous Tressje Lexington bag. Luckily they didn't fine me for it, but that feeling just sucks. You should have something that you can tote around and not worry about getting dirty! What's the fun if you're always watching it like a hawk?
  3. I completely agree. It'll only bring you more stress if you are constantly worrying about it.