On The Cover Of....

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  3. I think this is such a beautiful photo shoot... she looks great.
  4. I love her, she´s hypnotizing. But that´s not Jessica in the photoshoot pics, only in the cover imo.
  5. Beautiful :heart:
  6. Gorgeous!! Thanks, Prada!
  7. She is really pretty. I have never seen her before. It is a reallygood photo shoot.
  8. So pretty~ Thanks for posting!!
  9. Fabulous pics, thanks prada.
    Jessica is so beautiful, and definitly one of my fave models, she looks stunning. A brilliant shoot!
  10. Your welcome Ladies. This is one of my favourite Vogue covers. The mag is great inside and out.
  11. She's beautiful on the cover :love: But the model in the photoshoot is fellow Canadian Heather Marks ;) Thanks for this thread Prada!!!
  12. Love the shoot! whoever she is...
  13. She was in British Vogue a couple of weeks ago but it looks much more classic, ths looks very unusual but In a good way, I love it
  14. Yup i have that issue... loved it too !
  15. who is she? call me clueless, sorry!