On the contrary great balny customer service

  1. I thought I would write up my experience with BalNY and the great customer service my friend received today.

    Around 5:30 pm, I received a call from Balny, but didn't answer it because I get terrible cell phone service where I work. When I checked my voicemail, it was Daphne. This is actually kind of weird she said, she wanted to know if I could by any chance contact one of my friend's who worked with Terry to let her know that one of her bags came in. Apparently the number they had down for my friend was not a working number, but they knew that I was a friend and figured I could reach her. Is that great customer service or what?? That's good thinking! And requires a great memory from the SAs. :tup: So I frantically tracked down my friend to tell her to call BalNY asap!!! She called, and Daphne was super happy that her plan had worked! And what bag is waiting for her? VIOLET CITY IN SGH!!! :nuts:

    Later on, I met up with Mabli, and told her about the voicemail I got from Daphne and she said she got a call from Balny too around the same time I did, but she didn't get a voicemail. I'm thinking they called the both of us, to try to get to get in touch with our friend.

    That's what I call some great customer service!

    With all the negativity going around here lately, I thought I would post something positive. If you have a story please share it with us here!!!!!
  2. That was very cool of them to call around trying to locate the customer and let her know her bag was in! Very beyond what many stores would have done.
    I had great service today as well, and with Daphne too! Even though she was super busy, she took the time to answer my many questions about the Violet City that she was sending me today. She was super sweet!
  3. haha....i looked at my phone around the same time and saw a missed call. i thought "omg one of my other bags came in"!! however, i didn't see any messages left on my cell phone. i didn't think anything of it until you told me. i must admit that balny will be able to get to any 3 of us...oh wait a minute...4 of us now...if balny should ever need to contact us :roflmfao:!! i must admit that daphne provided great service on her part even though it was for one of terry's customer. i'm glad they try their best to fulfill their customers!! :tup:

    i glad we're focusing on positive aspects of balny!!
  4. I've always had great service from them. I change mind all the time and Kim has always been very nice and very quick in responding email and sending pictures. She just picked a jaune twiggy with beautiful leather for me today :tup:. :yahoo:
  5. Fayden, that is great to hear. As for me, Kim is very sweet and always provides me with great customer service!
  6. thanks for the positive upbeat story on balny's customer services! always great to hear that they are going the extra mile for their customers.
  7. That is awesome!
  8. Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  9. Kim totally rocks. She is always sooo patient and nice to me, especially when I ask the stupidest questions. hahaha.
  10. YAY! I'm glad to hear some positive things about BalNY SAs again! I mostly receive great CS when speaking on the phone with them.
  11. Thanks for posting this, fayden:tup:

    It's nice to hear positive feedback on BalNY on the contrary to negative feedback you normally hear about them.

    I personally think their customer service is top-notch, and I've been their loyal customer ever since they opened in 03:yes:
  12. Well I can chime in as a newbie...I called Daphne earlier this week (on her day off and I left a voicemail) to waitlist for violet and she called me back the next day! Said she had me down on the list and then chatted for a few minutes with me (we were comparing the waitlist process between Balenciaga & LV)! I thought she seemed very nice....now I guess the test will be whether she can get one for me LOL!
  13. Daphne has always been wonderful to work with. She picks incredible bags, is honest with her opinion regarding certain bags, and is always polite and fun to chat with.
  14. I love Daphne, and when she is out and I have dealt with other people, they've been really nice and responsive. Liz, Kim, Daisy and the manager whose name I just this second forgot. Leslie? At any other retailer, with a few individual exceptions, I could never get a sales associate I've never met to spend the phone time, especially when dealing also with customers in the store, discussing, explaining, leather inspecting, wrinkle counting, etc., answering my emails. returning my calls promptly. Even if it's their job and the bag isn't cheap, it's still been good CS. I don't even buy that many bags there.
  15. I'm also a huge fan of Daphne. I had ordered a Vert Gazon RH City from her but disappointed with a natural variation of the leather. I returned the bag and swapped it for a Vert Gazon Work. Daphne sent my second bag overnight without me requesting it. I was pretty impressed with the service. Daphne is the best!