On the bottom of your Bbag...

  1. do you have little studs on the bottom of your bbag? i was wondering because usually they place them on nice bags, so the bottom stays. Do you think i can add these on? and if so any suggestions on where i can have them do this.. Thanks.
  2. I don't have them on my city and i wouldn't want to take the chance of hurting the bag.

    A handful of my other non b-bags do have feet, but only the structured ones, not one the smooshy ones. So I wonder if bag makers only put them on structured/hard bottom bags in general?
  3. thanks.. i dont want to ruin the bag either. i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing them.
  4. I know the Part Time, Work, and Weekender have feet.
  5. The City and the Day don't have it... just in case you were wondering. :smile:
  6. The box doesn't have feet either.
  7. The mini bowling definitely DOES have feet and I would assume the full size bowling does as well.
  8. The Brief does not have feet, but the Step does.
  9. Yeah, the majority of Bbags do not have them. I think with the bags being so soft and slouchy, feet on the bottom wouldn't be that helpful becasue the leather would still touch on the bottom.
  10. mine have hooves. just kidding.

    I wouldn't recommend putting feet on cause it will ruin the design and the slouchy bottom will still touch the surface of whatever you place it on.