On someone's WANT list! - Rare 04 Marigold Yellow First

  1. I was just about to post this :nuts:
  2. Look at that smooshy leather! :nuts:
  3. Wow - this has got to be right up there with eggplant eh?
  4. I am in love !!! :yahoo:
  5. My dream bag and I have no money
    I don't whether I'm :crybaby:
    OR :rant:
  6. oooh, that is beyooooootiful :yahoo:
  7. I'm actually depressed. I hope whoever gets this LOVES it! someday I know I'll find one...
  8. Wow ... the seller is BRAVE ... no watermarks on the pics?!!?!?!
  9. It's on my list and I love this color, but I decided I really want a City. The First is so small that it's strictly a going out size for me, not an everyday. I want this color in one that I can use whenever, but it is immaculate and an absolutely gorgeous bag. A real collectors bag for sure and from a very nice PF'er too.
    I'm still tempted. :graucho:
  10. Can someone lend me $1300 :graucho:
    OK just kidding.
    This bag is distracting me from studying...
  11. The seller took it down? I wonder if someone wanted it so they took it down.:confused1:
  12. that leather and condition is TDF!!!!
  13. This is my listing. :yes: The bag is wonderful...

    I took the listing down because I forgot to water mark and make my listing private. Also wonderful PFer warned me about potential scam from one bidder. So I canceled her bid and blocked her.

    Would love to have this listing be save and secured. :p

    Thank you for mentioning the bag... :love:
  14. I was wondering why it vanished. Good Luck with the auction...amazing bag!