On Official Shopping Ban

  1. Ok, let me begin by saying that I'm PISSED at myself right now. Then let me follow that up by explaining why ...

    I cannot believe, and i mean I ABSOLUTELY cannot believe that I spent $2000 on CLOTHES!!!!! Clothes! I know that this may not be a big deal for some people, but I'm purely speaking of this from my own perspective because you see, I ONLY spend on bags. Bags and Faberge are the only items that I ever allow to splurge on. Even then, I'm selective about what I spend. With clothes, well let's just say that I HATE shopping for clothes because nothing ever fits me. The stuff that fits me are generally not too expensive. Prior to this, Armani Exchange is what I consider as expensive so I generally only shop at Zara and MNG by Mango.

    Well ... I guess now I found another brand that actually fits me - Hermes. The quality is definitely impeccable, in fact it was perfect. The craftsmanship is amazing. Oh and I DO look good in the clothes. Since it's so rare for me to find something that looks good on me, I bought them. One of them is black and I can see it being timeless, the other is sporty and THAT is the one that I'm regretting right now. I cannot believe it did NOT occur to me at the time that the sporty one can start looking DATED after several years ... Argh, how could I have NOT thought of that?

    Ah well, I'm just ranting because I'm in shock from spending so much on clothes - which I've never done. I should be better after the shock wears off. Let me reiterate that there is NOTHING wrong with spending lots on clothes, I'm simply pissed at myself because I NEVER allow myself to spend on clothes so this is a violation of my own personal protocol ... Dang it, for this much money, these clothes better look good on me FOREVER and last FOREVER (which I know they would in the latter case) ...

    Anyways, I'm on an official shopping ban for the next two months. Now I just need to find a way to NOT buy something when I'm in the store ... Obviously the only exception from the shopping ban will be if I see a fuchsia ostrich HAC 28cm or a rigid fuchsia ostrich Kelly 28cm, but the chances of that happening is probably zilch

    EDIT TO ADD: The only OTHER exception to the shopping ban is UNLESS I'm buying something for friends - so if anyone knows anyone who needs someone to pick up anything for them ...:lol:
  2. Is this the same Kou that we all know!?:nuts:

    Until this year, I also didn't believe in spending alot of money on clothes. Personally, nice clothes that fit me well makes me feel like a million bucks.

    I think Hermes has the most exquisite and timeless clothes so I think it is money well spent. Kou, from what I can tell, you take excellent care of things so I have a feeling you will be enjoying your purchases for a very long time. :heart: :heart: You probably look great in the Hermes clothes since you are tall and slim! (I am so jealous!)
  3. I am coming to SPANK you girl!

    (I had to come back and say...hope you love them:heart: Oh, and I hope you find that darn ostrich bag soon!!!)
  4. ahem .....congrats???? :shrugs: :lol:

    if you looooove the things you bought there is nothing absolutely nothing wrong with what you did !
  5. Kou - Tell us more about the clothes you bought! I'm excited! :yes:
  6. just think of it as a wonderful investment--quality, style, and I"m sure well worth it. Pics Pics! Post Pics!
  7. Kou, don't be so hard on yourself! If I found something that fit me well and was great quality I'd buy it too (and I never spend $$$$ on clothes either).You deserve it! And you work hard for your money so every once and a while why not splurge a little? I have one piece that is particularly expensive, a Burberry wrap, and I felt soooo guilty after getting it but you know what? I have used it so much...In cold weather I wear it, in warm weather it is draped over the back of our couch and it adds a little color. So just enjoy!!!
    Anyway, what did you get? I am dying for a riding jacket I saw at H but I don't even have a horse right now. But it was really cute!!! Maybe I could get it and just look like I have a horse. :lol:
  8. I don't know how to describe the clothes. One of them is like this black cashmere turtleneck that's tight-fitting and has the slightly puffy long sleeves. I got that one because it's going to be a classic look, even though there's NO WAY you can even tell that it's Hermes as it doesn't have any of the Hermes logo or Hermes indicator.

    The other one is this sporty-looking cashmere sweater-jacket. It's a zipped up sweater jacket and the zipper are actually these small Kelly locks. It's multicolor in that it has squares and patches of red, beige,and black? Basically, my SA summed it up when I tried it on that it looked like a ski jacket made of cashmere and with Kelly lock zippers.
    So anyways, I'm actually unsure about the sporty sweater-jacket because I can totally see it becoming dated in a few years. Also, I may look fine in it now because I'm not old. But in a few decades it may look like a grandma sweater on me ..

    There's another outfit I had contemplated getting. It was the twinset with the H-chain closure. It's basically a chain with two round "H" buttons. You push the two buttons through the hole on each side of the cardigan in order to close it. It's dark blue color with dark brown trim or something. I'm not sure if I should just get that instead because I can use it for work.

    What do you guys think? The SA said I should get the sporty-sweater because it's a different look as the turtleneck and the twinset are both dark colors and more formal-looking. Help???
  9. kou - I saw both of those sweaters the other day. They are lovely!! Since you are always so frugal about clothing I think it's fine and wonderful to have a few key, luxurious pieces that you will wear and treasure.
  10. Should I exchange the sporty multicolor sweater (that looks like a tight ski jacket) with the kelly locks for the twinset with H-chain closure? The SA described the twinset as Audrey Hepburn style, the sweater-jacket as ski jacket style, and the turtleneck with puffy long sleeves as classics style.

    But I am only allowing myself to get 2 (should've just gotten one). I need something practical, timeless, and versatile. I'm keeping the turtleneck because I truly love that one. I don't know if I should swap the sweater-jacket with the twinset. The twinset is dark in color so it's kind of repetitive and the sweater jacket is definitely a different look. However, I can't imagnie wearing the sweater jacket to work and the twinset can be used for work. Also, I need something timeless ... Should I swap or should I keep it as is?
  11. It sounds like you are not in love with the sweater jacket if you are questioning it so I would get something you can wear all the time like the twin set. :flowers:
  12. But I'm not in love with the twinset either. Haha, what a dilemma, right? I mean, I like the sweater jacket, but I'm concern it'll become dated as I get older. Also, I cannot wear that to work. As for the twinset, I can wear it to work, it's timeless (I can wear it when I'm Charlotte's ex-mother-in-law's age), BUT because it's timeless it DOES make me look a bit aged ...
  13. Hee Hee it's fine~
    I would say $2000 Hermes clothing, expecially if it's cashmere, Jacket, it not rediculous~
    Also, I really like the general designer clothing this fall/winter season in particular. I'd say it's well worth it!
  14. I am soooo torn about the sweater jacket. I know I'm getting two apparels, simply because I do need some versatility. Not to mention I made the SAs stayed 30 minutes AFTER closing because I was trying the clothes on ... What should I do? Twinset or sweater jacket? they both cost the same.

    Ok, what excuse should I use to not go into the store for the next 2 months? i got REAAAAAAALLY sick? Got abducted by aliens? Suggestions?
  15. i would keep the things you bought and do not stop paaing by the store it is so much fun 1 just leave your money at home if it helps you.
    ah and please do not feel guilty you bought fantastic peces so enjoy them and stop thinking about the price. money comes and goes but hermès stays :lol: ;)