On my way to Vuitton Barcelona..

  1. So, I'm preparing to go out and shop here in Barcelona Spain, but I'm not sure that there is anything that I really need to have. Does anyone have any enabling pictures of anything current? Inspire me to spend more money, please.
  2. Haha.. ur cute.. If theres notting u need keep ur money in ur pocket. Or better still donate to me.. I'll give u my Acc no..
  3. SHOES! Discover Louis Vuitton shoes! They have some amazing ancle boots available now and they are oh so in fashion! Look claasy and stylish with Louis Vuitton Shoes!
  4. I just came back from Barcelona
    They had lots of new things in the boutique I am sure u will find something u like good luck
  5. maybe a pair of sunglasses??
  6. A matching belt for your bags?!! That's what I would buy if I had to spend some money... :smile: Good luck and have fun in BCN! It's a great city!
  7. Oooooh,I love Barcelona..have fun, it's a fab city!
    What about a wallet? Or a scarf/bandeau?
    Let us know!
  8. About how much are you looking at spending Scott? I would definetly take Liberté's advice about the shoes. The shoes are great, not to mention handmade(as is most of Vuitton's products)

    I wonder if some Louis Vuitton prices are lower or the same as France and Italy. I was wondering cuz I know some pieces are still made in Spain, so they might not have to tax them.

    Or perhaps all items are sent back to France and distributed by Louis Vuitton accordingly.
  9. As far as I know France has the best prices. The rest of europe is just a tad more in prices..
  10. lots and lots of sunnies ... you're from Vegas, you always need sunnies, buy one for each day of the week! lol!:graucho:
  11. I don't know about you, but I can ALWAYS find some interesting LV accessory piece, no matter where I go !!!! Good luck, Happy Shopping, and have fun in Barcelona!!!
  12. Let us know what you get!