On my way to the store

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  1. I carry on a daily basis my Delightful Gm and I am looking for a everyday bag. I am on my way to the store so excited. Now trying to decide on the Neo Neverfull or Speedy Bandouliere in Ebene. Need some help ladies.
  2. DE speedy B!
  3. I love my neo neverfull! :smile:
  4. +1
  5. +2
  6. Speedy b! GL with your decision and have fun!
  7. neo NF.
  8. Well, I don't have any experience with either - so I'll just say "Have a great time!!!"

  9. Love the NF with a purse to go insert :smile:
  10. Speedy B DE
  11. I'm uh-bsessed with my neo neverfull in fuschia!! You can't go wrong either way though.

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  12. def the neverfull. love the epi line! enjoy your boutique experience ;)
  13. +3
  14. speedy
  15. speedy b 👍