On my way to LV to pick out my next BIG THING

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  1. I ordered 6 bags to pick from. I can spend $2k i dont want to go over that unless its like $100 tops. this bag or BAGS will be used for school, I like to switch it up! so depending on what I decide on really depends if I get 2 or more bags. Opinions on these would be great! All are on eluxury and vuitton.com to see, if I get Damier Geant, it will be in Terre color, although I LOOOOVE the black!

    Yes I have a lot of Damier Geant on here but I like the variety of the bags. Keep in mind I just got a hand held bag in Taiga leather (Ivan).

    Tobago carryall 1850 (great bag, will hold what I need)

    Monogram Sac Squash 1810 (LOOOOOOVED this since s/s 2004 and it looks so good on me)

    Damier Geant Compaganon 1190 (might be too thin for what I have to carry)

    Damier Geant albatros 1150 (If its TOO much like a duffle bag, than no, I dont want to look weird)

    Damier Geant Belier 935 ( I think it might be too short on top)

    Damier Geant Cougar 860 ( Saw it from a distance, looks good but I need to play with it)
  2. WOW!! Sounds like an exciting trip Matt.Have fun playing and choosing! I :heart: all your choices and can't wait to see what you decide upon. I'm sure it will be fab, you have impeccable taste......:smile:
  3. The red one is the Tobago carryall 1850 right? I'd go for that!
  4. tough call, i really like the 1st one in red. the others are nice too, hope others will be able to help you narrow down your choice! i know the guys on here will be here shortly to give you their two cents...
  5. Well the Tobago would be in blue SORRY I forgot to post that!
  6. Tobago Carryall is on my wishlist, but I can't decide whether I like yellow or red:shrugs:...Please buy it and post pics here:graucho:
  7. I would do yellow over red! I just for some reason cannot get over the blue! but I feel as if 2 bags are not going to cut it (belier in Damier Geant, the one with the 2 buckles... and the Compagnon, I dont think they will be big enough) but i could be TOALLY wrong
  8. I love that Tabago carryall, gorgeous coloring! Awesome pics all around Matt :biggrin:
  9. Didn't you have a Tobago keepall in yellow?
    Maybe it was someone else?
  10. wow tobago! i would love to have one since i travel a lot! send pics of your bags!
  11. Tobago definetly!
  12. Sac Squash or the Tobago Carryall. Good luck!
  13. I love the Tobago!
  14. 1) Monogram Sac Squash 1810 since you said you LOOOOOOVED it since s/s 2004 and it looks so good on you.
    2) Tobago in Blue.
  15. Tobago Carryall and a present for Michelle. Have fun! : )