On my way home with my first Hermes bag and its a B!


Jun 14, 2013
I am a complete newbie to the hermes family ! not knowing what I was getting myself into AT ALL ,when I decided I wanted a B or K. I live near the Madison store, so over the pasted 6 months I would walk in and ask "do you have a birkin or kelly" not really knowing the protocol at HERMES . I finally got on a list WOOT!!! but I think the SA at madison just wrote my info down, and threw it away the minute I walk out the door :sad:. I went to Manhasset in Long Isand to put myself on a list there also. The SA plus out a large book and starts flipping the pages with names, after names... page 1,2,3,4,5-8. At this point I'm thinking F this, I cant believe what I have to go through to get just 1 bag. I've had Dior let me take home croc handbags and ostrich just to show my fiancé, but hermes is in a league of its own I understand. This Wednesday I walked into hermes for my final, and last time (my fiancé hounded me to try again). I walked up to a SA and ask " Im on the list for a B/K can you give me any information on how long the wait will be ". She never looked at "the list" she just asked me what color , so I rattled off the rainbow of color I would gladly take. We struck up a conversation about something else along the way, we basically hit it off . 15 minutes laster she said "ok I will get you one this week are you ready" ? ( duh of course I am). Now behold my Birkin 35.