On my way home from work today,.....

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  1. i :love: those shoes! Congratulations!
  2. LOVE those! I don't think I've seen the shoes yet, but LOVE it! Good to know that they are also comfy. Congrats on the great couple (belt + shoes), can't wait to see the bag too!
  3. Cute! I love both the belt and the shoes.
  4. Love the shoes & belt! Congrats.
  5. Good idea! I'll try it!!!
  6. Love the shoes! so cute!
  7. The bad little voice in my head is saying "Hmmmm.$450 isn't bad..." Must not buy the shoes....

  8. HAHAHA,... yea right!!!!!! Post a pic when you buy them!!!!
  9. Oooh sooo cute!!!