On my way home from work today,.....

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  1. I NEED that belt....

    come to think of it I also NEED those shoes!
  2. Cute! Are they comfy?
  3. Very!!1
  4. eLuxury has them on their site!!!!!!
  5. OMG Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The one benefit of not working is that I don't have to walk by any stores on the way home...although when I am bored I decide to "window shop" and we all know how that ends.
    Baggoholic those are BEAUTIFUL shoes...how do they feel on? I really like them. Did they have other colors too?
  7. They feel great and are very comfy. This was the only color I saw in these
  8. omigod. you ot THE belt that i have been lusting after. what outfits do you have planned to go with it?

    and i am hoping that you get the b bag to match soon too!
  9. I don't know yet :weird: :weird:
  10. the shoes are super super cute!!
  11. I love the shoes. Are they comfortable?
  12. Love them both! Congrats!
  13. i think it would be awesome if you got a simple black t-**** style dress. like one from c&c or another lux t-shirt line. that would be great for starters. the magazines all have them in very structured outfits, but i think that misses the point of a showy belt. if you use it with a casual styled dress, you can draw attention to the belt, but not seem too stuffy.
  14. i love the shoes. congratulations!
  15. Ohhh..i love the belt!!it's so cute!!Congratzzzzzzz