on my way back from LV & new info for next year

A heart shaped bag!?! Hmm I guess I would have to see it. I was hoping the heart shape was going to be an accessory. I know I did not like the frog at all. Can't wait for the new items though!!
I just called Calgary LV about the heart shaped bag and she said "Not that I know of. You should check the website...blah blah blah...customers aren't supposed to know about things like this until we get the information...blah blah blah..if it doesn't say on the website, then it's probably not coming out"

WHAT website?! It's not like Vuitton.com posts future releases! Some SAs are just soooo unknowledgeable. :cursing: Wait until the bag does come out, they'll tell me it's sold out. UGH :cursing:
wow this is great info! thanks so much. i love the white bag in the scarlett ads...i'm glad they made one like that bc i was going to buy a chloe or something for that look but i hate to stray from my Louie!
Thanks so much for the info, Label Addict!!

OK I'm dumb but the 'heart bag' that you are referring to...is it in the shape of a heart or what?!?!

Can't WAIT for the white epi!!!!
couturegrl - the heart shaped thing has been mentioned a bit in the past I always thought it was an accessory like a bag charm but my store manager says it's a bag. I guess it will be like the conte de fees line but it's only a guess sadly no pics yet.

princessme- she said the white bag is Beautiful & that i'd be impressed the leather is like nothing LV has done before she personally thought the black was nicer But that both colours are stunning
Thanks for the info! The price isn't actually bad for the all-leather bag...hmmmmmm will have to think about that one now!
I wish someone would come forth with info about the denim line...I'm desperately wanting to know estimated prices!