on my way back from LV & new info for next year

i've just been & picked up my miroir gold speedy & a little something extra can't post pics yet because i'm on the way home. i'm 2 hours away so it's a long wait.

Anyway I also took pics of the bags from s/s 07 I want to waitlist for I was talking about it with the manager. she'd just come back from London where she'd been shown the bags IRL here is some info on them

LVOE tote comes in canvas & satin (i know you know that bit) the canvas is embroided the satin is sown with sequins and is very delicate. she said it is absolutely beautiful but will be VERY limited the price is estimated at just under £1000.

the white bag (in one of the scarlett johansson ads) is a brand new type of leather for LV comes in 2 colours white & black the gold plaque on it is not actually a plaque but a gold meterial this bag will be approx £600
she didn't see any denim bags.

the new vernis will launch on the new heart shaped BAG, I though this was an accessory but no it's a bag launch will be in time for valentines.
epi white will launch s little later maybe april
rumour of new suhali but not confirmed & wouldn't happen until later in year.

miroir noe was planned but has been too diffult to produce & has been cancelled.
Jan 25, 2006
wow! thanks for the update! I am definately interested in the LVoe tote and the epi and vernis lines!


Jan 26, 2006
Wow, thanks for sharing! So excited about the heart shaped bag!! :yahoo:


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Jul 17, 2006
Thanks for the info. Will the heart shape bag be part of a limited line?