On my THIRD LV Steamer

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  1. #1 Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    I purchased my City Steamer..took it home and realized days later that the stitching was way off and the monogram near the glazing was also off. So my SA was nice enough to get another one. I received the second one...it was FAR WORSE. The stitching looks like a drunk person did it and the canvas on the back of the bag has a slight wrinkle. The third one came in today and there is a mark on the back of the leather. SERIOUSLY!? For a $4,200 bag...and I can't get a perfect one? I am so disappointed :sad: And my SA has been fabulous but she did mention today that they are questioning the multiple returns. Meanwhile...I'm out a bag and money while they try to get me a normal bag

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    Very nice congrats. Just a lovely purse.
    ETA: :happydance:
  3. Gosh, maybe you should say "Well I'm questioning the number of defective bags I seem to keep receiving!"
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  4. Where were they made? Maybe has something to do with the same factory location
  5. No kidding. I don't think I am being unfair asking for a bag that has good craftmanship. They have been far from perfect..especially in person
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  6. To be truthful the first two pics wouldn't overly bother me when I stop and consider how structured/rigid the bag is; it must be a headache to try and make perfectly even stitches on a material that slips around easily on the sewing machine and will not flex so as to allow the craftsman to navigate or get his/her body closer to gain more control unlike the 'soft' designs such as the NF (the craftsman could easily get in there and steer the material). The wrinkle was most likely a result of the craftsman trying to assemble the bag and wrinkles happen eventually.
    I'm not trying to brush off your concerns but instead am looking at the bigger picture and being realistic about the expectations given the bag's nature.
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  7. In all honesty, I think the first two pictures aren't ideal, but I wouldn't consider them to be defective bags. It's still a handmade product and perfectly straight lines would require a robot. At the same time, if you're not happy, you are entitled to return the bag, regardless of your reason.

    The bag in the last picture isn't defective, but rather damaged. That's different. Although such marks are bound to happen quickly on smooth leather, I wouldn't want to buy a new bag with the marks already there either.
  8. I agree with the others the first two pics don't look bad...it's going to be hard finding the perfect bag....the third pic with marks on the leather would bother me, that happened on my studded alma which I returned...you either are probably going to have to settle for some possible imperfections/ flaws on the bag or let go of buying this bag.....I know it's frustrating though!
  9. I agree with previous posters that the first two bags looked acceptable but the marks on the leather shouldn't be there. Good luck with getting a bag you are happy with. It is a really beautiful bag so is worth the hunt.
  10. That's too bad, I hope you find a good one!
  11. First two wouldn't bother me at all. I don't ever examine the stitching that closely and certainly no one else looks at my bags that closely either.
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  12. I have learned to examine by bags very close at the store, I reject a lot of bags that I know other people end up buying. Worst one I ever saw was an Empreinte key pouch, it was a HOT MESS!! I know that the woman who made this post lives very far from an LV store and had to have them shipped. For the amount of $$$$ this bag costs, I would also demand that it be high quality. I'm so mad that they even dared to send that third bag, what were they thinking at that point!!!
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