On My Side ... tote.. yay??

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  1. Goodness.. I never thought I'll say this.. but I really kinda like this considering I've been looking high n low for an everyday or maybe smthg practical for once.. that can keep more stuff ( than the minis ).
    Bags these days are getting smaller n smaller.. but this.. On My Side. I like it, I think. Anyone tried it yet??
    It's so new.. only minks4all has it on her vlog.
    Thoughts.. pros n cons ...

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  2. I mean.. I've been to n fro with a Chanel Deauville or a Hermès Picotin 22 in mind.. couldn't decide between these two styles.. but when I saw this. I thought.. maybe this instead!
    What you guys think.?
  3. I really like this bag. A few members here own one and it looks really awesome.
  4. Really!?!!!
    Gosh... I gota go find those pics! There's hardly any other info or references on YouTube or anywhere else
  5. I love this bag.
  6. I saw this in all black with the monogram tufts on the side. In all black, I think it's rather plain but good for everyday. In the one you took a screenshot of, I really like the contrasting colors. I'm not the biggest fan of calfskin leather though, since I find that it scratches easily or worse, can crack if you keep it in less than ideal conditions. The leather did feel supple and soft on the black version of this bag.

    The bag is your average satchel size. On the side is roomy but keep in mind there's not a lot of pockets. It can be a pit to shuffle your things around in, some people don't mind that and some do. I use multiple pouches so I don't mind it when bags don't have a lot of pockets. I think it's really neat that the front and back have an outside pocket. The black part of the bag you screenshotted, thats a pocket.
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    Last edited: May 16, 2019
    IMG_7892.jpg IMG_7896.jpg IMG_7893.jpg I just bought the red one last weekend. So far I love it. It looks and feels structured enough to wear with business or dress clothes but also looks good with casual. The size makes it very comfortable to wear as a cross body and it holds everything I need for a day at work with a little extra space left over. It's also not huge so it's light weight. I'm a huge fan of side pockets (my old Totally and Kensington bowling get the most wear of all my bags) and this bag has them on all four sides so I really like that.

    The only downside I can see so far is that the white areas might be susceptible to color transfer or getting dirty.

    The pics were taken with all my stuff inside.

    I stepped into the store (at Heathrow) to see if I could find anything in giant mono for my friend and ended up falling in love at first sight with this one. No luck with the giant mono though.
  8. Pg 17 Magical May Purchases. TraceySH bought 3. And I have been drooling ever since.
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  9. Oh i like this a lot, but I’m a tote/satchel girl.

    I don’t need it. No.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input!
    Am still debating... I'm not exactly a tote lover yet sometimes I can do well with it!
    I love my PM emprinte so much , that I am even considering getting it in Reverse. Though many times I wish I can put a small brolly or bottled water in. It actually can. But that weight will kill my shoulders.
    I really thought my Days with Vuitton are over .. but it's making a U-turn now! They do the best handbag staple!!
    I didn't know about the Calfskin wear n tear though... Thanks so much Daisy for mentioning it!!
  11. Im glad Heathrow has this! I'll be passing thru Heathrow next month! Does this bag sag at the bottom??
    I like this probably not becoz of the pockets..I don't carry lots small stuff generally..
    I had the Deauville before but it's kinda large n bulky at the base and it keeps banging ard ppl when I squeeze past them.
    Does this Bag have such issues?
  12. What a beautiful bag! I’m now considering it too....
  13. I didn't think anything of it when I saw the stock pics posted here. Then I saw it in person at the Rodeo store and it's really beautiful.
  14. Here are a few pics. I have these 3 if you want more pics of any. I adore them!

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  15. You mentioned buying it in store @ Heathrow. Would you mind sharing how much you paid for it? Thanks!