On Me: VP = Good, Alta Dama & Declic = Bad, Lady Peep = ?

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  1. #1 Aug 19, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
    My closest CL is probably about 2 continents away.... :sad: So I need to know as much as I know beforehand what suits me because there is no way I can try any of these lovely new CLs in person these days.... I am usually pretty good at figuring out what styles work for me even without trying. However, come to lady peep and alti pumps I am extremely nervous because they remind me so much of Alta Dama and Declic which I was very excited about for a long time, before I had the chance to try them personally and found that they looked terrible on me :sad:

    I have been looking at Karwood's Lady Peep Spike and how HOT they look on her (even though she is - was? - uncertain :biggrin:) BUT, I saw how hot Declics and Alta Damas looked on gals here and yet they looked horrible on me: they made my legs and calves look.... "thick"... if that even make sense. So I thought it has something to do with either: exposed platforms, or, covered platforms with covered toes.

    Now, the Lady Peep reminds me of the Alta Dama (exposed platform, peep toe) - my question is: can those who own or have tried both Alta Dama and Lady Peep, or Declic and Alti Pumps comment on their differences and similarities....? :flowers:

    As for the alti pumps: covered toes + exposed platforms..... I have never tried anything like it so I have no idea...!

    Context: I have "prominent" calves and skinny ankles :biggrin: the sort that can't wear anything which cuts right around the ankle lines... :nogood: - not that any of the styles I am inquiring here has anything cutting along the ankle lines, but I thought this might help to see if any of you might have the same kind of legs that I have and have tried these shoes personally :yes:

    Thanks so much all beforehand!!! :flowers:
  2. I believe the alti is a declic toe ... so that might be an issue for you.

    The lady peep is a lady claude stuck on top of a bianca platform. It has a bit of a different toe opening than the VP ... I have issues with some LCs, but not with others ...

    I say you're probably fine with LP, might have a problem with Alti
  3. Thanks for that Naked. I actually thought that because of how I look with the Alta Dama I should immediately discount the LP :smile: I think I have tried on Lady Claude, but never a Bianca. Judging from pictures, the Bianca platform seems less chunky (more curved up) than the Alta Dama if I remember correctly...? (I have never seen a Bianca in real life either).

    Thanks again!! :flowers:
  4. bagpunk, yes the bianca/banana platform is very different from the alta dama...

    the AD has 1/2 platform exposed, and 1/2 hidden, but it's all flat.

    the bianca/banana platform is all exposed, but it is also curved at the tip, and a lot narrower than the bianca... so it does not look as chunky perhaps?

    the lady peep are as naked said the lady claude + bianca/banana platform... kinda like the cousin of the banana, with an extra little platform inside and a larger toe vamp?? does this make sense?

    the other difference in addition to the platform is the arch of the shoe, which is flat in the AD, and more curved in the bianca/banana/LP...

    in my opinion, the shape of the banana/lady peep is much more flattering because it really accentuates the arch of the foot...

    i think it's really hard to say until you try them on!

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  5. ^^^ I love the visual aids! Super helpful!
  6. I am the same - skinny ankles and muscular calves. My legs have a really curvy IMO nice shape but squared off shoes which fight that shape (wedges in particular) make my calves look enormous because they sort of act as a counter point. Alta Dama looks ridiculous on me but the VP is fine.

    My opinion is that Lady peep is for sure more flattering than the Alti on the leg - look at the celebrity thread and you'll see pictures of Kim K wearing Leopard Madame Butterfly pumps (which are roughly the same shape as Lady Peeps) and black Altis.
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    WOW thanks carlinha!!! *HUGS* that really HELPS! :yes:

    5elle, thanks for your input. Funny enough, I can pull off the expose platforms on my wedges (bilbao and praia).

    I tried looking at KK's pics and it was hard for me to ascertain because who knows what kind of legs she has compared to mine and her body is definitely NOTHING like mine :P (she seems like an "hour glass" and I am a "pear" through and through) which I suspect will influence the visual of the legs and shoes.

    In any case, if the Alti has Declic toes then those are out for me anyway :sad: Not that I can *ever* really wear a 160!!! (I heard the Altis are 160....? maaan, why are they coming out higher and higher *cries* I am having enough trouble with my 120s....)

    Thanks again all! :flowers:
  8. Hey bagpunk, I've been genetically blessed with chunky calves (thanks daddy) but have normal ankles so I feel you!

    I just wanted to chime in on the Alti/Declic comparison. They are similar-ish but definitely not the same. The Alti is narrower than the Declic and it doesn't just seem so because it's stacked higher. The Alti is also cut a bit lower so shows more toe cleavage. I've taken some shots for reference:

    My Alti 160 next to Navy Declic 120 side by side:

    My Alti 160 next to Magenta Declic 120 side by side:

    From the front:


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  9. And you can see the differences when worn.. I find my Declics quite comfy but the Alti definitely squeezes my foot sideways. Maybe I just need to wear them in a bit..

    Excuse my mosquito bite scars please, I know, gross!


    Anyway good news is that Alti also somes in the 140 so it's effectively the same as walking in Declic 120. :biggrin:

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  10. Based on all the helpful pictures the lovely tpfers have provided, I would say the Lady Peep would be your best bet in meeting your criteria. I've seen your legs when you posted your Ronfifi Supras and I don't know what you're talking about. Your calves do not look prominent at all!
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    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010
    thanks all!! i have been a bit sick and have not been able to post amongst all sorts of things i had to do and juggle in the past few days.

    popsicool thanks so much for that!!! together with carlinha's pics they have been terribly helpful!

    lavenderice thanks so much for that complement about my legs it does make me feel better :biggrin: but that view of the declic and alta dama on me was rather surprising and not in a good way after i had been so sure that it was going to be the shoes for me that it kinda left a mark!

    it is so hard not to have anywhere to try these shoes in person because that's obviously the best way! the fact that i can carry the pigalle (as long as they are 70) reasonably well when most wide flat footed gals can't is a good example of finding out by personally trying a pair on when i first discovered CL :biggrin:

    thanks again all!