On Loosing Hair....

  1. Sigh....

    as much as I hate to admit it, I am loosing my hair slowly...or rather, suffering from thinning hair. I used to have such long luxurious hair and now I look in the mirror and see scalp more than curls. :sad:

    I tried the hair and nails vitamins - or am trying them rather
    I tried rogaine for women but it makes me feel dizzy and light headed
    and I get extensions to help me look like I have more hair than I do (but the thinning is happening right on my hairline where i don't get any extensions so it's not adding fuel to the fire)

    so I have finally booked an appt for the doc on thursday. Has anyone else had thinning hair? what is one to do???
  2. Monablu, My hair is really thin also (and thinner than it should be). It really bothers me. I used to have very thick and kinda wavy hair, but I think I damaged it by straigtening, and thinning it when I was young.

    I haven't really tried anything for it, but I hope all goes well with the Dr. Please let me know what he/she says. I am very interested in what is available.

    P.S Extensions probably would make your hair worse. I did have extensions years ago, and it really pulls on your scalp.
  3. I have a feeling that it may be due to my medication for a neurological disorder because of research I have done on the net and it makes me sad because I really cannot stop taking the meds...

    I guess I will see what my options are on thursday. in the meantime I'm off to take my son back to school shopping :smile:

    shopping always seems to lighten my mood LOL!
  4. Well have lots of fun.....

    P.S. Now that my hair is thin, I noticed it on other women alot. My moms hair is also somewhat on the thin side, so I bet she passed the gene on to me.... So between the gene, and the damage I caused to myself, I am screwed.

    Dont forget to let me know how it goes!!!!!!
  5. Hairloss in women can happen for a lot of reasons, diet, hormones, medication and age can all play a part, plus a lot of women get malebaldness to. I was diagnosed with alopecia 3 years ago when my hair almost completely fell off. There aren't a lot of options, in fact they only offer two in Iceland. One is steroid shots in your scalp and that one is really painful as you get multiple shots in the same place, the other one is inducing allergy as the theory is that it's allergic reaction to your own follicles that's making them inactive and inducing allergy focuses the reaction away from your follicles. Some people experience discomfort by that treatment and you have to be really careful around family members so they don't get allergic to "you" while you are undergoing your treatment. Anyway, that one worked for me and I have a full head of hair now, but they all came back grey :censor:
    Please keep us posted on what the doctor says.
  6. wow those treatments sound horrible! I can probably guess that my main causes are: stress, diet (its hard for me to balance it out, but i continue to try hard) medication and perhaps age.

    today at the nail boutique I noticed that the technician had super thin hair too, and I though to myself...wow, I have been coming to her for almost 2 years and I never noticed it before now....strange.

    ok ladies I will keep u posted!
  7. i have thin hair too..... esp on top.... and im only 23!!! so dun feel bad at all....and my hair is always shedding. I cant tell if its shedding more now or that i jsut never paid attention before. Im scared to go bald, sigh.... im always jealous of ppl with nice and thick hair! :sad: please let me know wut ur doctor says when u go
  8. I have thin hair too. I put my hair through so much s**t when I was younger. I guess I am paying for it now. I am using Nioxin's hair cleanser, scalp therapy, and follicle booster. When I am consistent, I see increased volume/thickness. Its sort of depressing especially when I see ladies with thick luscious hair...
  9. Hair loss can be due to a variety of reasons, including low iron stores or hyperthyroidism. You should go get a blood test and see if its a symptom of a health problem!
  10. I have really thick hair(I mean extremely thick) that I hate. Like my hair dresser said"We all hate we have." Anyways,thinning I guess is annoying(never have expierences it;hair is thick as ever). My suggestion is trying a thickening shampoo+conditioner. (I think Garnier Fructis has one. My friend said she loves it and it boosts shine.)
  11. I actually went to my doctor freaking out cuz I lost a ton of hair about a year after I had my daughter.ALOT of people dont realize that that is NORMAL..after child birth and crazy hormones!!!!.....I was told to massage my scalp alot when I washed it..that supposably helps it.
    FYI- It all grew back..Thank god...BUT I still think its thinned a tad.
  12. FORGOT to say.....I have a GREAT nexxus mousse for my hair that gives it a TON of body..helps alot..LOL
  13. Have you ever heard on a product called Nioxin.It is a line for people who are thinning.There is a shampoo(cleanser)and conditioner(scalp therapy)they are meant to make the hair stop falling out.Than there is a spray in treatment you leave in,to help the hair grow back.where i work you can get a starter kit for around $50. But if you find it works for you ,you get more for the money when you buy big botles.We reccomend you use only this product once you start(as your daily shampoo ect)Most people it wil work with in 3 months.I have heard many good things about this product,but there are people who it does absolutly nothin for.
  14. I'm 9 months post delivery of my second child and my hair is still falling out. I used Phyto hair thinning products (specifically Phytocaine, see their web-site) and they worked wonders after my first child...they were just too expensive though this time around (and since I know mine will grow back once I stop nursing...I figured I'd just wait it out).

    Good luck - I know this is stressful...:sad:
  15. ok well I went to the doc - and apparantly it is just something that comes with changing hormones/stress and probably my antidepressants too which I cannot stop taking.

    but I have decided to increase my omega 3 nutrient rich foods like salmon and tuna or whatever and take some vitamin e vitamins etc. and try to relax and accept it as part of life.