On-line dating? ever tried it?

  1. We've all seen the ads for match.com and eharmony. But who here has actually braved the online dating scene? Any amusing anecdotes you'd like to share?:graucho: Or did you find true love?:heart:

    I'm feeling curious today!
  2. No, I have never tried it! I want to know if someone here has tried it!
  3. Me too!!!
  4. Ok, so I have not only tried the online thing, but I am one of those that found a fantastic guy!

    We found each other on Cupid.com. He "winked" at me (a button you push to let a person know your interested), and I "winked" back...sooooo cheesy! It seems we had a few things in common. He emailed me through Cupid, and I emailed him back my IM name. The next day we chatted on IM for about an hour and hit it off. (As much as you can hit it off on IM.) We exchanged phone numbers. Ended up planning a first date the next day for a hike. Prior to the hike, we met at a McDonalds (nice and public incase he was an axe murderer.) After about 5 minutes it was really obvious that everything was cool.

    Our first date ended up being a 20 mile hike (about 8 hours together in the middle of the woods) including seeing the sunset over the mountains. We had our first incredible (and a bit dehydrated) kiss before we parted that evening.

    We have been together over 2 years now. I couldn't be happier -- we are like two peas in a pod. He is truly my best friend and the coolest thing that ever happened to me!

    Not sure how often this happens... but I wanted to share my story. I never in a million years thought I would find someone half as great online. My girlfriends put me up to it (and even posted most of my ad). Love can be found in the strangest places!
  5. I never tried the whole on-line dating thing, but I met my fiance on a Basketball fan forum. It's crazy how close you can get to someone when there's no more basketball to talk about. We met over 2 years ago, and we're planning to get married. So YES, there is a face behind the computer, you just have to get to know someone for it to even be possible.
  6. Before I was married, I tried J-Date for a couple months. I went on a date with a politician (who shall remain nameless) in D.C.

    He flew out to meet me and we had a very chaste first date. No chemistry, no big deal. lost contact until a few months later when he left me several voice messages about my boobs. :shocked:
  7. I met my BF on matchmaker.com (the pre-cursor to match.com) almost 9 years ago,

    He still jokes that he is amazed that I shop for everything from shoes to men on-line:roflmfao:
  8. I met my husband on match.com! It's wonderful IMO. I think it's great because you get to find out things about people you may not ask in certain situations (religion, whether they want children, etc).

    Neither hubby or I go to the bars and we needed another way to met people! He was the first and only person I met!
  9. I met my husband on Napster in 2000 DLing music.
    He was in Norway, I in So Cal USA.
    I got his number for some reason, something I never did, and I called him. We talked on the phone everyday for almost 2 years before he moved in with me from Norway and we married 3 weeks later. Been married for 4 and a half years now. I dont know if it qualifies as online dating, bet there you go. LOL:love:
  10. When a lil younger, I dated a few guys off the net...it was nothing serious...but all of my serious bf's were " met off the street" kind of thing...lol , DID THAT COME OUT RIGHT? :roflmfao:
  11. i met my boyfriend of 2 years on myspace, we are getting married in the next 2 yrs after we finish school :smile:
  12. Yes, I've tried it.

    I met my very good friend, Larry online many years ago - and we "dated" for quite a while. But we are now in different places, but remain great friends.

    I met my exboyfriend, K on facethejury.com. We talked once or twice online, and decided to meet up at my local mall. Yes, it may not have been the smartest thing to do - but I did it and we had a great 2.5 years together.

    I met a few USNA midshipmen online, that I kinda dated around with. They were just for fun though, nothing serious.
  13. i met a guy i dated a couple years ago on an indie music forum, which was kinda nice because we knew up front that we both had similar interests. i haven't had any problems with on-the-street dating since i'm in college and there are people my age around me at all times, but once i graduate i'd definately consider giving it a shot.
  14. hey am married and met him thro internet.I works try if you have not
  15. Oh, the stories I could tell.....

    Like the guy who I was on a very first coffee date with...at an outdoor cafe in the middle of a sunny Sunday afternoon....

    In the middle of a normal conversation, he said....."You have very nice breasts".


    Well....I do...but how did he know?? :shrugs:

    I could write a book........