? on how to sell LV BH on ebay?

  1. Hi, I purchased my LV BH bag a couple of months ago from the LV in BLoomingdales in Manhattan. I used it for about a week. It is in like new condition but I really should have purchased the Tulum PM bag b/c that is the one I love. I would like to sell my BH bag on eBay. What is the best way to do this? I know there are so many fakes so how can I guarantee to the buyer that it is authentic. I would like to get somewhere between $600-$650? Is that reasonable. I hardly used it at all> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You could offer to have My Poupette authenticate it and refund the $5 fee if that person is the winner. You could also tell them you are a tPF member and have it authenticated through the threads here.

    Take lots of pictures and good luck!
  3. take lots of detailed pics not only outside but also inside of the bag, datecode tab, heatstamp, stitches, etc so ppl can verify its authenticity. and try to find similar listings on eBay to figure out what's a good compatible starting price for it. good luck~!
  4. dont forget to watermark your photos
  5. ^^^ :yes: and i take pics of the receipt and block out all info i don't want people to see.
  6. I would wait till the end of Aug. to list it if you can, this is a very slow time on eBay but things are supposed to pick up right before school starts. Otherwise another great time to sell and get the best return on your items is 2 weeks before Christmas. I sold my used mono speedy within hours of listing it for the buy it now 430 I think it was. A new-ish bag especially a bh will do well I believe! GL! Also if you have the LV box and dustbag handy don't forget to display those as well in a nice looking arrangement. I usually put the box somewhere behind the bag and have the bag sitting on top of the dustbag but just enough so that you can read the vuitton on the dustbag. those little ticket things that come w/ the bag are also nice to display. I don't think you need to put the receipt in the photo but if you do don't forget like the previous poster above mentioned, to block out any personal info and mention that the receipt will not be included in the purchase, you never want to do that.
  7. I agree with everything that has already been said, definitely wait about a month...sales are slow right now. I sold my BH on ebay, got in the $600 range for it, but I cannot remember when it was that I sold it...winter/spring I think. Good luck!