On Hermès Dinner Set

  1. Essentially I have been given as a belated wedding present a 'Nil' (aka Nile) porcelain dinner set for six people with the lotus leaf motif. I don't like it and ideally I would like a full refund but since the receipt is a gift receipt, I can only change for something else in the shop (for me, it boils down to other plates).

    I should be going to the store that I formerly frequented but I have not bought anything for a long time now so I don't want to ask the manager to help me when I am not going to buy anything from her nor even exchange the plates there because it is from another store. I only know of the Rhyme style so I would be grateful if a lady can point me to a website where I can check out all the styles?
  2. Good question, Bee...Bee. The only place I've been able to take a look at some of the porcelain designs is on the Hermes.com site and then it's only the tea/coffee services. This might be a good way to see a few of their designs. The only other thing you could do is just go into your local store and browse the porcelain department and see what strikes you. You never know....something might call out to you!!!!
  3. Do you really have to get china with it? And is it going to be returned for credit at the Hermes boutique, or was it purchased at another store? If it's from the Hermes boutique, there are so many lovely, lovely home things available there, you really should go and look around to see if something else strikes your fancy! Good luck. Let us know what you finally get!
  4. Bee...Bee:

    I've occasionally had to find H china for clients. It isn't easy at all to find pics on the internet. Replacements.com as mentioned above may be your only option. I've checked with all the companies I've bought from. Many have great websites with everything from Tetard and Odiot to Bernardaud, Haviland, and Limoges, but they purposely don't show the H porcelain options or their Puiforcat, also owned by Hermes. I don't know if there's something in their contracts that prevents them selling on the net, but it's pretty near impossible to get pics of all the porcelain patterns without contacting H or convincing a retailer that you need brochures because you're placing a big order.
  5. Wow. Six place settings of Nil china is a FANTASTIC credit! I wish I could take it off your hands! My favorite design!
  6. I immediately thought of you GT!!!^^
  7. The receipt was from an Hermès boutique but I don't particularly want anything from them so it has to be the plates. I don't know how much they all come together actually but I have 6 of each of: dinner plate, side plate, pudding bowl, pudding plate, tea cup, saucer. Then 3 of each of: centre plate, salad bowl, teapot, mug. I think I must have soup bowl somewhere but I stop unravelling the ribbon after a bit because it got a bit confusing and difficult to put it all back :sweatdrop:. I don't want leather goods so that is out but going by American 11-inch dinner plate being ~$100 as far as I remembered, I think I can have the cashmere throw for the baby and other baby stuff but Loro Piana is cuter :p.

    My husband drove out about 20 minutes ago to get the set changed. I gave him a free hand on this so he is going to choose whichever one he likes. Isn't it great that he did not take a mobile phone with him so I am in the dark about his choice :upsidedown:. He better comes back soon because mum and dad-in-law will be here in 1 hour time (if they choose to come at the right time and they better do because I have to go the London meet after this, LOL) and I take a pic of the style he changed it for.

    The reason we don't like Nil is because the motif is running straight across the plate and it looks too busy (though it is less busy than some other designs). I also think it will look a bit weird when you make an effort to decorate your food - drawing weirdo gravy lines, etc :biggrin: and you see some colours underneath which will make it all look jumbly.

    BTW, gga thanks a lot for your suggestions! We have the J.L. Coquet Hemisphere and Raynaud Verdures on the website which is great to see the styles even though I did not use it for its intended purposes :upsidedown:. I think I'll keep this set for the sake of having three complete sets.
  8. OK, it's now 2 o'clock but my in-laws are still not here yet and I am a bit bored and a bit chessed off, LOL so I'll show you what my husband bought back this morning.

    In the end we did go for Rhythme because he said that the other patterns are a bit psychedelic and this one will be in the middle between the J.L. Coquet pure white and the more elaborate Reynaud.

    Anyway he decided on the green one but the shop obviously does not have that much porcelain in stock. So we have to wait until later in the week for the full set but he exchanged one for now to show it to me; I am OK with it so it will do. Probably be the breakfast plate or when we eat alone because it's nice and sturdy rather than frighteningly thin with sharp edges like J.L. Coquet :upsidedown:.

  9. oh that's very pretty. glad it worked out!
  10. Lovely!!! I hope you and your hubby have many fine dining experiences on those plates with people you love :heart:
  11. I love that design, too! So simple and timeless.
  12. Oh, I love it!! Hubby "did good"!!
  13. Great choice. Many of the other designs look quite busy. :s
  14. A very nice choice! I really like the simplicity of the pattern - very elegant. :yes: