On FIRE...! (literally!)

  1. Did anyone see the news on this?

    I took these pictures yesterday, just outside of the girls' dormitory of the high school where I work. There used to be canefields, but when the sugar mill closed, they let the fields turn to dry brush & weeds.

    Over a thousand acres have burnt, and it was still smoldering (thankfully not near the school anymore) when I left Lahaina today...

    We didn't have to evacuate, but the students with asthma had a very bad night....




    But on the otherside.. here's the view from just above the student parking lot. (Lahaina Town below, the island of Lanai in the distance)

  2. Oh man :sad:
  3. Wow ! those are some dramatic pics. I hope everyone will stay safe.
  4. Wow..please be safe!
  5. wow! That is scary! I hope every one is safe!
  6. Geez that's scary...I'm glad everyone is okay, except the asthma people. Stay safe!!!
  7. Yup, West Maui is pretty dry area.... lots of sunny days -- which is great for the tourist industry, but not so good when it comes to brush fires.

    We had a fire last year that was on either side of the school... we're the last stop at the top of the road... and earlier this school year, the ONLY HIGHWAY connecting West Maui to central Maui was closed due to brush fires....:s

    That means emergency vehicles cannot get through from west maui to the only hospital on the island which is in central maui. :yucky:
  8. crazy ... dang it i need to go to the islands ... i havent been in years
  9. I'm glad everyone was okay, but I hope the people with asthma feel better!
  10. I am glad everyone is ok.
  11. Fires are very scary. We've a holiday home in the south of France where they get really bad forest fires. Our area was evacuated twice and had a major fire not farr from us last summer. It's very frightening waiting to see which way it will go. Now the authorities have enforced major clearance of the particularly flammable greenery on our domaine. The really bad thing though is that a lot of the fires are arson - there are some very awful people out there.
    Hope yours is now well under control and the smoke and air pollution is clearing.
  12. Sorry to see Maui is so developed! I still remember it as being lush and green back in '84!
  13. They've gotten it under control as of today, though they're watching some smoldering places... huge charred areas above launiupoki & up into the valleys...

    Pinkiwhatever... Yah...they were still burning cane in '84, so it was still green on the hillsides. Lahainatown actually looks mostly the same as it did in '84 (minus the sugar mill, they tore it down last year. But they left the big smokestack, you can see it in my pic)... but from Kaanapali & north, it's gotten very developed.... along with Kihei/Wailea area.... traffic backs up something awful b/c there's only one road in/out..!
  14. good to hear that things are under control today....stay safe and hope those with athsma feel better
  15. hopefully everone is okay!