On-figure pics of my Noce Pyramid

  1. A few people requested photos of the Pyramid bag being carried, so I decided to ask my husband to take some pics. Unfortunately I am of course dressed in an unflattering baggy sweater, but hey, it's colder than it looks out there today...

    I am 5' 1", but even though I am short, I think this bag is the perfect size for me. I have had it for a couple months now and it is pretty well broken in. My other BV is a Campana and I think I love them both equally.

    Hope these convince someone to buy one of these awesome bags!



  2. Jane, the pyramid looks beautiful on you! I love the slouchiness it has acquired.
  3. jane- your pyramid looks great on you! does it come in ebano?
  4. Ah jane, what beautiful pictures!! Looove the noce colour against the trees and grass, and you look fantastic with it. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. It comes in Moro, which is a shade darker than ebano, seen in this photo with Noce

  6. Jane, your BV is lovely. Is the style named pyramid or does it go by another name?
  7. Hi Jane!! After seeing this bag on you I find myself trying to persuade others to buy it. Beautiful pics-
  8. Thank you. Yes, its official name is the "New Pyramid", and it is made with Umbria leather, a slightly more durable leather than the more common Nappa.

    The BV website says it is made in regular Nappa, but that is an error and I was assured in the BV boutique that it is Umbria.
  9. Ooo, this is a nice picture; all shades of chocolate! I had a coach hobo in this same shape and wore it to death. I am really contemplating the moro pyramid after seeing your action pics and THIS picture!!! Oh wait, I'm on a purse ban:crybaby:, darn. Well maybe when I can afford one, there will be more colors to choose from.
  10. Hi NWpurselover! I remember you were there when I bought it, weren't you *tempted* ?

    It has turned into the perfect shoulder hobo. If I had the money, and if they made it in black, I would buy it again in that color too.
  11. Jane, the Noce Pyramid was already on my long BV wishlist from other pics I had seen. But now after seeing it on you, I'm convinced. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting your modeling shots. Looks like a lovely fall out in the Pacific Northwest too...
  12. Jane gorgeous pics! It was sunny there today...?? LOL! (I'm a few hours south and it wasn't) Your Pyramid looks glorious as do you... I love the fall colors as the noce goes with the leaves and the beautiful highlights in your hair. You should get a commission of BV Pyramid sales since you so completely sell the bag over and over :yes: ....congrats!
  13. jane, you look great with your bag!
  14. You are rocking that gorgeous pyramid! :heart:
  15. beautiful bag. congrats.