on fedex vehicle for delivery.....

  1. It's 12 lbs. Wanna guess?
    Small hint:
    Not from Wall Street, but from Madison (If anyone is looking for a orange 30 cm ostrich exotic skin go to Wall Street).
  2. WOW exciting!!!! is it coming today or tomorrow? hmm 12 lbs??? china?
  3. birkin 40?
  4. Coming before 4:30 PST and not china.
    And it's not a Birkin 40. I wish!
  5. Can't wait to see!!! Congrats in advance!
  6. elizabeth - congrats and ugh, this is going to be a potentially long thread.....!

    lindy? victoria?
  7. a 12 pound saddle? hehehe
  8. 12 lbs would be pretty heavy for a bag, UNLESS there are couple of bags:graucho:
  9. maybe another hint is it one thing or several ?
  10. TODAY before 4:30??? OMG!!:yahoo:

    More hints???
  11. I don´t know how much that is in kilos so no guesses from me. Pics pretty please when you get it!
  12. ElizabethK, how fun...12 lbs?????
    A gallon of perfume?
    5 pair of shoes?
    A travel bolide???
    Scarf tying books for 10 dozen of your closest friends????

    coule we have a couple more hints?????!!!!
  13. my soul? wait, that's got to weigh less. i'm pracically soul-less. besides, i'm in midtown.

    hm... a blankie?
  14. Bring it on!
  15. 12lbs!!!:shocked: Is it a JPG?!:nuts::sneaky: