On eBay, why would someone not ship outside of the UK?

  1. Does anybody know ? I am so wanting a large Bayswater on eBay, but live outside of the UK and the seller will not ship, she doesn't reply to my messages. The bag was unsold ( no bids) and is relisted . So, you experienced ladies, what reasons would you have to not sell outside when there are no buyers " inside "? The bag is relisted, as I said, and I am searching for possibilities to get the seller to open up for shipping to me..
    So far she doesn't even answer my messages, but I keep on hoping
  2. Maybe the seller has bad experience before. That was one time a seller refused to sell me her bag due to I’m new to eBay, no good rating. I was told eBay buyer protection is very strong, so some seller tends to be very careful to choose their buyers.
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  3. I'll write a new message for her wavering all my rights, hopefully she will be positive.. I know I won't return it, I know it's authentic and I know I love it and will keep it for life.
  4. If you're outside the EU, your seller may not want to risk you getting a huge customs bill.
  5. I am loathe to sell outside UK, especially for expensive items. There's too many frauds out there and eBay almost always sides with buyers. I just withdrew my LV District PM and Alma DE PM due to time wasters and stupid offers. If they're outside UK the repercussions and chances of fraud increase. Just my opinion, obvs.
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  6. I don't like to sell outside my country except when I use ebay's global shipping program. I don't like the risk. The shipping costs a lot more and if the buyer claims SNAD, then I'll have to refund that. Some buyers get around it by using a freight forwarder. That way the seller ships to the freight forwarder and then you pay the freight forwarder to ship it to you.
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  7. The stress involved in shipping to another country isn't worth the money to me. I once sent an item to America which was delivered to the wrong address, had massive headache having to refund the buyer (who'd given me a wrong zip code), and then praying it would be returned to me. It was, 3 months later.
    My advice would be to post 'wanted' requests and talk to some of the lovely people who run resell/consignment shops. Another one will come up.
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  8. + 1 :yes:
  9. I'm an eBay seller and I don't ship outside of my home country. I had one bad experience years ago and I decided to never do that again.
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  10. I closed my eBay account altogether. If I decide to get rid of anything it either goes to a reseller or is donated.
  11. Which bag is.it we.can find you one im sure
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  12. I had a v bad experience. Sold Chanel bag. Buyer was insistent she would take risk etc. Asked me to send in certain way to reduce her postal costs. Sent item in good faith. Was lost in postal system, and she put in claim. Ignoring all promises re ‘I’ll take risk’ blah, blah, blah. There are certain countries I won’t post to now.
  13. Italy comes to mind as a country people don't want to ship to. The postal system isn't trustworthy.
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  14. Thank you for your feedback, I see why one would be hesitant. I have a friend in London, maybe she will put in the offer for me
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