on ebay: TURQUOISE 2005 Classique

  1. Oooh very nice! Go get it girls!
  2. What a nice bag! I hope someone gets it :yes:
  3. omg! thanks for the heads up!!!
  4. helenz, you were looking for this one right???? go get it girl!!!! :love: :roflmfao:
  5. i think im going to pass out! i really have to make a decision!!! if i get this bag its going to be my last one for the YEAR!!! omg! everytime i want to get a Turquoise 05 i can never find one and when one pops up... i get all like nervous etc... because i just bought 2 bags!!! OH WELL, i guess another one won't hurt... right??? :roflmfao: oh please let it be me that wins this listing!!!
  6. helenz this is your chance!!!!!:graucho: :heart: email the seller and ask for BIN:graucho:
  7. Oh good luck helenz!! I know you've been wanting a turquoise for aaages!
  8. OMG - that is gorgeous!!!!!! I am drooling!
  9. Photos look good. Why is she listing the color as green? A typo?
  10. helenNZ ... I had to laugh when I read your post ... because I think we've all said "its going to be my last one for the YEAR!!!" Yeah, just what I said ... and within the span of 1 month ended up purchasing 3 bags!
  11. I hope you get it Helen!!!!!!
  12. I hope you get it Helen!!!!
  13. Did you also see that she calls the bag a Twiggy?
  14. Yeah all the mistakes make me think something is fishy.