On design: DIFFERENT Hermes scarves?

  1. Does anybody own/or know of any Hermes scarves that blatantly unsusual?
    I know close to nothing of the history, and progression of their scarf designs, but I've come to realise that most all the scarves I've seen have a tradtional border(or at least, illustrated 'suggestion of a border'/traditionally symmetrical composition/are all at the very least, complex in design (ie no blatantly 'block colour' designs), with designs that rarely run over the hem in a big way.

    Are there in fact any scarves that have abandoned these traits? Also, does anybody know must about plain-colored scarves?

    A few years ago, I gifted my aunt a scarf from Hermes that was solid, jet black, with tiny perforations all over, with only a hint of Hermes' orange on either the contrasting hem, or a small 'Hemes' printed on the lower right corner. Very discreet, chic, and practical.

    Looking back on it now, I realise how unsusual this scarf is!

    Many thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I'm definitely not a scarf expert, but I think Cheval sur mon Carre is slightly nontraditional because there isn't a 4-edge border. There is a dark band (not exactly a border) on top and bottom only.
  3. the design on de passage à tokyo practically overruns the hem on three sides, cheval surprise looks like someone threw a bucket of paint at it, bal de bulles doesn't have a border other than the hem, and aube is pretty non-traditional even though it has a border :lol:

    there are quite a few that aren't the traditional horsey scarf, those are the ones that i tend to buy ;)

  4. Cheval Surprise came to mind straightaway, too. I love that scarf, and love the secret little horses all over. :biggrin:
  5. There were some two colour rather than plain scarves 8-9 years back ( I think) called 'finesse'. The background was one strong colour and a design was picked out in one other colour only with fine lines or pin pricks. The new lozenge mousseline scraves are as close to one colour scarves as I've seen.
  6. If I remember correctly Chevaux de France by Philippe Dumas runs to the edge. Rose would be able to clarify this as she has one!!!!
  7. The cross stitch motif does go to the edge (no solid border) and there is a contrast hem too
  8. The recent designs tend to be as you have described borders, symmetry, simple design etc eg
    - De Passage a Tokyo is close to being a line drawing and once folded the corners are similar except for the ginormous Hermes in one corner
    - Champs de Courses, Tuiga etc are also line drawing style scarves
    - Anything by Leigh Cooke is terribly repetitive - some motif (flowers, feather, leaf) repeated endlessly across the silk

    Every season however, there is at least one design that shows lots of variation
    Au Coeur de la Vie
    Fantaisies Indiennes
    Chevaux de France

    Older designs tend to be more "random" & less simple
  9. A Cheval sur Mon Carre is typical of the modern scarves that are often monochrome
  10. ¨Start by looking into the "ugly scarves" thread.
  11. ^^^lol, must be the same as Rose's collection.... I do seem to have a lot of these and LOVE them!

    I'll add the new Mosaique au 24 to the list and the losange scarves come in plain, solid colors (I have a little collection of these too....)
  12. :lol: most of my scarves feature on the ugly scarf thread :whistle: