on dear

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  1. I actually love the idea of a MC speedy 25....
    but the FRINGE?!!

    Oh.. what I would buy if I had $2000.. :smile:
  2. yeah but that fake
  3. Looks legit to me....

    But still, $2000....just how many paddy's could you buy with that...? lol:lol:

    And i'd agree, i don't like the fringing, looks a bit naff...:huh:
  4. What do you wear to go with that ugly fringe?

  5. its not its fake
  6. how do you know?

  7. LOL!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. its obvious - its the wrong colours for a start and where are those little beads etc that hand of the tassels.
  9. Is that beads or is that possibly just the way the fringe moves when it's being carried...?:weird:
    It's difficult to get a close up pic of the one 'worn' by the models on the catwalk so i personally can't tell for sure.
    The colours all look the same to me, maybe slightly brighter in the sellers pics, but that could be due to camera flash, lighting etc...:wacko:
  10. it's fake. the monogram doesn't line up like it's supposed to on the zipper (it cuts off at the wrong point AND isn't straight) and i've seen the pics, there are beads. plus the colors are wrong.
  11. I see....
    That's one heavily disappointed buyer then.....:blink:

    Still, if they like it i guess that's what counts, either that or blissful ignorance.

    Much better to go to a reputable dealer for something of that calibre! :smile:
  12. That bag is heinous.:sick: I can barely tolerate the real one.
  13. :sick::sick::sick:. That is gross. I feel sorry for the buyer. They just paid $2,000 for a fake.
  14. not only did they pay 2k for a fake.. they paid it for an UGLYYYY fake too!