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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
    Some of you may recall my thread here a few days ago on how many black bags does a girl need when presented with a dilemma on whether I should accept a black B35 that was offered to me (I was initially looking for a lighter neutral in either Gold/Etoupe/Gris T).

    Apparently the answer to that (rhetorical? inane?) question is: 'just shut up and buy it!'. And so I did, thanks to you lovely enablers!

    So while this isn't much of a 'reveal', in true tPF spirit, I would like to pay homage to my very first Birkin. The night before I picked it up, I hardly slept a wink. Seeing the big orange box was a high like none other. It is truly a beautiful piece of art. I am thrilled beyond words.

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  2. Bring it on!!
  3. So exciting!!
  4. Opening this box up was pure exhilaration!

    (Sorry for the tardiness in posting this subsequent post - for some reason I couldn't get the last picture to rotate correctly on tPF)

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  5. Black beauty is home
  6. La pièce de résistance.....

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  7. She's gorgeous - congrats! And I love that Millefleurs twilly!!
  8. THE black bag.. congrats!!
  9. FABULOUS!! She is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!!!
  10. the classiest of bags! congrats!
  11. OMG it's gorgeous!! So happy for you and I think you made the perfect choice!!
  12. So happy for you darling!!! The Hermes high is unbelievably addicting... It's my drug of choice! Down the orange slope you go... One B is never enough! Enjoy in the best of health and happiness!!! Your twillies are magical too!
  13. Congrats! You made the right decision. Black never goes out of style, it is the one constant, eternal factor in fashion. Beautiful bag and twillies! :loveeyes: I am biased, as I just bought the same twilly this weekend! :smile:
  14. Congrats! She is true classic and looks just amazing! :woohoo:
  15. Love both bag and twillies. Losing sleep is not good but at least it is worth it. Congrats !!