? on city colors...

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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new to the balenciaga brand and would love to know what colors came out summer 2006 which is the current season and if anyone knows what colors are comming out fall 2006. And what is your favorite or most difficult color to get. Thanks, I'd appreciate all your responses.
  2. Hi there! Here's a site which gives you the colors for past, current, and upcoming seasons:


    My personal favorite is ink...The most difficult colors to get are eggplant, seafoam, apple green, and turquoise....But you'll see in some threads here that some ladies have been able to find these...

    What color(s) were you interested in??
  3. heehee, Helen...You're too quick! :P
  4. Well, today my SA called me and said that she just got a pink city. I then bought it. I have not seen it IRL and was just wondering what your opinions are on this color and if you think I'd be disappointed? Is is a really pale pink that almost looks like white? And is that a good color choice? Thanks!
  5. It should look something like this:


    (credit personalshoppers)

    Always reminds me of strawberry yoghurt for some reason.:shame:
  6. Would you say it can match with most colors and do you think it can match with black? Thanks.
  7. eh, black goes with everything! :cool: