On Being "Bag Content"

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  1. I have run across posters on a couple of different boards who have expressed that they are now "bag content" and don't plan to add additional handbags to their collections. That sounds like a concept I need to embrace. :lol: So I am going to do some closet re-organizing and purging, and make a genuine effort to get a handle on my purse addiction. For the first time in a long time, there are no bags on my radar or wish list.

    I may try selling a few bags on Ebay just to see what that's like. Or, I may not get rid of any bags at all. I have a big collection and I love having them... it's like my own personal little handbag boutique!

    So. Anyone else feeling that it's time to climb on the Ban Wagon and try out this "bag content" thing? I did pretty well last year for about six months before I fell off. Maybe I can be more successful this time. :thinking:
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  2. #2 Mar 30, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    I got my third Speedy 25 today. Now I have all three canvas prints.:tender:

    If a limited print Speedy comes up some time that I like, I might get that. :smile:

    I am enjoying all of my Coach and Dooney and Bourke and my Gucci satchell bags also. I am happy with my collection.
  3. Mine is self imposed until the fall. Buying a house!
  4. I sold 10 dooneys on Ebay as they my impulse buys and were sitting in my closet and got 5 new dooneys and 2 Brahmin bags so now Iam content with my bags till december.
  5. :tup: That's a great reason to put handbags on hold. Good for you!
  6. That's great, Ruby. I don't know why I am hesitant to try my hand at selling; I'm afraid of getting ripped off or something. I usually just give stuff away but it would be smarter to try to sell, I'm sure. Now if I can only decide which ones to let go. :shucks:

    Congrats to you!
  7. I just sold several Dooneys for silly prices on ebay. I was feeling as though my collection owned me instead of me owning it. They went quickly & everyone seems happy & I feel like I can breathe again. It wasn't financial, I just felt overwhelmed so I cut some from the team. Now if only that one freaking Coach bag would sell....

    Good luck! You'll feel better when it's done!
  8. Thanks, Jeep. That's exactly what I'm thinking... price them cheap and just let 'em go. I just want to cull the herd and then TRY VERY HARD not to buy more. :cray:

    Good luck with the Coach sale!
  9. Ohhhhh, but I want a Barlow. Sigh
  10. Every single time I make a bag purchase, I tell myself I'm bag content. Then...a Dooney email comes through and inspires me to visit the store or I start browsing other forums. After I purchased the medium florentine satchel, I said I was bag content and two days later I ordered my first LV Speedy. I say I'm bag content now but in my mind I'm already planning my next LV purchase. If I haven't carried a bag in a year I tend to give it away so that's really the only reason I can justify any new purchase. I tell myself that once a bag leaves, I can bring one home.
  11. I am almost never bag content. I will obsess about a bag, acquire it, enjoy it for a brief time and then start wanting something new. As long as I remain active on the purse forum and now youtube, I think that's how it will be. I did stop recording the dooney qvc because that also contributed but their prices and shipping are usually high. I can get much better deals elsewhere. I usually sell to fund something new so the habit is not hurting me financially but I do wish I could relax and enjoy only what I have for a long while.
  12. I usually fail miserably at bag bans. But I do need to slow down or stop buying new bags, my collection is starting to get a bit overwhelming.

    I recently did a bag purge and rehomed several, but I need to it again.

    Space is also a factor. When I get too many bags my storage area gets cluttered and it's hard to see what I have. And that stresses me.

    All that to say that I am going to try to be bag content with you Sarah. Try being the operative word.
  13. :roflmfao: Once you get that new house you will be having fun decorating. A Barlow can wait!! Be strong.
  14. Everyone on TPF can relate, girl! Some temptations are just too much, and these forums are so enabling. :lol:

  15. They are! If I stayed off that LV forum, I wouldn't be tempted to add another Speedy to my collection so soon.