On average, how long do you wait for a buyer to pay before you start getting worried?

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  1. I know, I know, I'm paranoid. I received an offer on a high ticket item yesterday, which I accepted. I sent an invoice and a message to the buyer, but I haven't heard anything back. Now I know it's only been one day...but I can't help but expect the worst! I'm scared that she won't pay...I checked her feedback, and they all say that she pays right away...so why not with me??? Uggh, sorry for the rant...but how long before you guys start worrying that you have a NPB on your hands?
  2. According to eBay rules, 7 days.
    If you do not receive payment after 7 days, you can file a NPB dispute against the buyer and start the process of getting refund for your Final Value Fees and relist credit.
  3. 3 or 4 days. I resend the invoice and steel myself in case I have to file. I've not had a NPB but once. *knocks wood or my head*
  4. I usually get worried if they dont pay within 3 days. I usually say they have 3 days to pay in auction. I have filed 2 NPB claims already and I only have 31 fb. =\

    And those weren't even on high ticket items!!!!!!!!
  5. I wouldn't worry just yet -it's only been a day. Maybe the buyer hasn't been online since you accepted her offer? :flowers:
  6. ^perhaps you're right...but I can't even focus because I'm so paranoid! Just because I've listed it so many times and finally someone makes a decent offer...I'm like, just pay already lol! grrr....:hysteric:
  7. Usually I ask them to email me and let me know they got the invoice. If they communicate I don't worry so much about how long it takes to pay. If I get no communication I wait three days and then try again. At 7 days I file NPB immediately, I don't have all year to wait around for someone to pay. ;)

    Also, if they have a lot of great feedback I don't worry very much... I know they will pay eventually!
  8. hmm, yea...this person has over 600 feedback, but mainly as a seller...she has only 4 as a buyer, but all perfect!
  9. Give them one more day, and then send them an email through Ebay (through the contact buyer link) and say something like "Hi! Thanks so much for buying my item! I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you go the invoice and everything. Thanks again!" ;)
  10. i usually request payment within 48 hours and if they need more time, to let me know during that time frame. but one day is not too long/late so time is just all you need.
  11. ^my listing says to please pay within 24 hours...but I still haven't even heard from her:wondering
  12. I usually send a reminder email after 3 days. Never had a NPB and it seems that once I send the email (which, has very polite language) my buyers usually pay immediately. eBay gives buyers 7 days, so they really have until then. However, in my experience, they usually pay on the 3rd or 4th day after reminder email. Good Luck!
  13. I start getting worried on the 4th day. But can't do anything until the 8th, and then wait another 8 days, silly ebay rules.
  14. When sending an invoice, I clearly stated that payment must be receive within 3 or (sometimes 5 days) from end of auction. Therefore I dont need to worry when payment will be receive, the buyer already knows when payment is expected.:smile:
  15. UPDATE: still no payment. I've sent 2 invoices and a message, but nothing. The weird thing is that she gets like 5 more feedback a day, but hasn't left any since the 6th. So I guess they're a chance that she hasn't signed on since then? Ahhh I'm so frustrated.