? on an older bag...

  1. I stumbled upon an auction of a poor condition Coach Bucket...And well...I sort of like the outer pocket being so big...And my question is...Did they make a smaller size?

    The dimentions of this bag I seen...
    Total Height in Inches12.5Total Width in Inches13.0Total Depth in Inches4.5Handle Drop in Inches14.0

    It's Creed #9060

    My question to you...Did this come in a smaller size? And what color do you think this one is?
  2. I have this exact same bag in red, and it's awesome. They did make a smaller size, no idea what it was called or anything but they sold it in black and british tan at the outlets in 2001, so you may be able to find one on eBay. Either size is great - the big one really fits to your body and the smaller one holds a lot. Happy hunting!

  3. Would you mind modeling it? I can't picture what it would look on a person...I am tending to go toward the larger bags anymore. I am thinking it could be a bag when I am out with the kids...I just LOVE that outer pocket! I am almost tempted to find the larger one...If it's not to big on me...
  4. OK, I'm really embarrassed to say this, but I have no idea how to put pictures on the internet - I'll try to describe. I'm 5'5", size 8. The bag has an adjustable strap and so when I wear it shorter the top of the bag is at my elbow, and the bottom is around my hip. It's a VERY tall bag. When I wear the strap longer, the top of the bag is almost to my waist, and the bottom is past my...bottom. When I bought this bag I was a size 14 and it looked great, now I'm smaller and because the bag really kind of hugs your body, it doesn't look overwhelming. This was the remake of the Cashin "body bag", and it's very comfortable. The outer pocket is GREAT. I love this bag when I'm out w/my son (he's 3 now) b/c I can just throw things in there and it fits, and b/c it zips across the top, it's secure. I don't know how much the one you're looking at costs, but I really would recommend it - total workhorse bag. I hope that helps! Sorry I'm such a technoidiot!:blush: Have to put little man in bed now, but I'll check back later if you want to talk about it more? I paid about $200 for mine new in the outlets - it's the classic kind of leather, not lined on the inside, very sturdy.

  5. The one I posted was of the only GOOD side. The other side had a horrible water stain...:crybaby: Thus I'll be just WATCHING for another one. Thanks for the description. And congradulations on going from a size 14 to a size 8! :tup:

    As for posting pictures. If you have a digital camera...All you have to do is load it into your computer with the cable that comes with the camera. (Aftar you've downloaded the disk that also came with your digital.) Then...Send them to your pictures and make sure they are JPG. Files...You can ususally choose which file you wish to turn them into. Typically your camera will also give you a wonderful photo shop program. (Mine did anyways) And you go in and make the size smaller...Save it...Then go in and check the picture you just saved...It will tell the size in KB...I just typically play around with it until it's the right size for the site I'm posting it on. Each site varies. Then you go to MANAGE ATTACHMENTS pull them up that way...And it sounds a bit confusing but rather easy after you do it the first time...Good luck with that~;) If you wish to try later on...We would love seeing your collection.

    Thanks for the description of the bag...I'm going to start searching for it...:graucho:
  6. Thank you so much! I really need to take some pics and post them :smile: Good luck on finding the bag! If I see one online I'll pm you.

    p.s. - I love the picture in your signature! Beautiful kiddos!

  7. Awww thanks for the compliment on my kiddos...They are the best of friends "believe it or not"...I have ones with sibblings shocked at just how well they get along. And a list of referals to sitters...That when one can't watch them...I get a list of girls calling for the job. I wish I was as close to my brothers as my boys are to each other...When I was their age...

    And yes! Please we would LOVE seeing your collection...Don't be afraid to try...As long as you don't delete anything...You can't hurt a thing...And...You can always go back a few days to refix a blunder...No fear of the computer allowed...;) Just trial and error...And it does get easier...It's the first time that is a little scary. Then you'll be like...IT'S EASY! And we'll get to enjoy your growing collection...In you showing them all off to us.:graucho: