On-air Bottom Pincher Gets Police Warning

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  1. Fri Aug 3, 10:54 AM

    LONDON (Reuters) - A British man who pinched the bottom of a television presenter live on air has been cautioned, police said on Thursday.
    Sue Turton, who described the incident as "humiliating" and a "public goosing," was reporting on floods in Oxford last week on Channel 4 when a shaggy-haired Rufus Burdett strolled past and pinched her.

    Distracted for just a moment, Turton maintained her composure and completed her report.

    A video clip of the bottom-pinching has been viewed nearly 500,000 times on the Web site YouTube.

    Police used the footage to identify Burdett and gave him a caution. They had considered imposing an 80 pound ($162) fine for a public order offence but decided against it.

    Turton, who told police she did not want to press charges, said she found "the matter quite humiliating and somewhat disrespectful to the plight of those I was reporting about."

    Two bouts of flooding, the worst in Britain in 60 years, killed at least nine people, damaged houses and destroyed crops, potentially costing the country about 3 billion pounds, according to insurers.

    Turton also said the bottom pinching reflected a gender bias in society.

    "Male reporters would never be treated to a public goosing," she said. "Should the women of my profession not expect the same respect?"

  2. This is the video clip:


    I admire her for keeping her composure. I would have lost it (or something).

    Good for the police for doing something about it. What that guy did was not okay, and there should be consequences.
  3. Definitely NOT OKAY! What a freak!
  4. What a weirdo!!! Really what is wrong with men??!!