ON AGAIN 12-5!!! tyra banks show fake handbags, etc

  1. Tyra's show is all about her which sometimes annoys me and sometimes makes me laugh. According to her weekly show update, she will have a show about fakesbut I just received an update that indicates her show will be dealing with the issue of fakes this coming Friday.

    Friday, September 14th
    "How to Spot a Fake"

    Does buying a real designer product make a difference, when you can always get a cheap knockoff? Tyra takes a look inside the counterfeit business, examining the difference between what's real and what's not, from purses and diamonds to clothes and even hair! Tyra talks with a handbag expert and learns what separates the real Gucci and Coach purses from the purses sold on the street - even cutting up a $1,300 Gucci bag to demonstrate her point. The handbag expert also tells the audience the laws behind the selling and buying of knockoffs that can prevent you from getting arrested.
  2. ^^^ Really want to see that. Might be interesting.
  3. hi, it is a pitty that i can't see american tv chanels here in spain. it would be interesting
  4. i've seen chapters of the show at youtube and it is very funny
  5. For once it sounds like a Tyra episode will be worth watching...
  6. Thanks for posting this~ I will definitely watch it!!!
  7. Well, that'll be interesting, given the fact that she's always been pretty open that she carries fakes.
  8. what channel is Tyra(nt) Show on?
  9. I want to see this!!!
  10. Same here LOL, Maybe we will get it in a years time LOL haha. I just wish they would show this show more in Europe :sad:
  11. yay.. can't wait. think i will be wtching this too..
  12. she has?? i have NEVER heard that? weird cuz i watch her show once in a while and love top model......weird that ive never seen her mention this...

    are u sure? where did u read this if u dont mind me asking?
  13. Did you see the one where Nicole Richie was a guest? That's where I heard her say it. Plus she proves it by carrying that fugly "Balenciaga" everywhere.

  14. i can't believe a supermodel with a tv show carries a fake... wasn't she joking??
  15. No way I didn't know that! That doesn't make sense...why would a top supermodel wear a fake? How ironic...